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25th Birthday Party Ideas in Simple

Perhaps it’s the day you’ve been looking forward to since you were a teenager; or more likely it’s the day you’ve been dreading ever since you turned 24. Your 25th birthday is fast approaching, and it’s time for you to get serious about some 25th birthday party ideas. We’ve scoured the internet to bring to you an eclectic mix of party ideas for the big 2-5, no matter how you’re feeling about the day. Whether you think that turning 25 completely sucks or turning 25 totally rocks – or whether you’d like to forget about the number altogether and just spend a fun evening with your family and friends – we’ve got a party idea for you.
25th birthday party ideas for him

1. 25 Sucks!
Ok, let’s get this one out of the way at the beginning. You see, there are those among us who like to complain about getting older, as if they are the only ones for whom time does not stand still. Milestone birthdays (especially ones that end in a zero) are particularly difficult for these complaining-type people, and if you identify with this sentiment, realize that sometimes it’s better to be open about your feelings and let everyone know that you think turning 25 completely sucks! There will be those who will argue with you, claiming that the 25s will be the best decade of your life; and there will be those people still in their 25s who will commiserate and agree that you are indeed very old. Then there will be those people will want to know if they can please have a lollipop.

2. Dirty 25
You know what rhymes really well with 25? Dirty. While researching this article we were surprised to find that Dirty 25 parties are becoming more and more popular. Of course, there are two ways of interpreting the word ‘dirty’; you could go with the soil connotation and make cupcakes with gummy worms or lolly snakes, and edible dirt deserts. Or you could go with a debauchery type theme, but we’ll leave that to your imagination.
3. 90 Theme
People who are turning 25 these days were, by definition, born in the 90s, and presumably spent at least part of their childhood growing up in that wonderful neon decade. So what better way to celebrate a 25th birthday then with an 90s themed party? This 25th birthday theme is perfect for someone who has maintained a collection of 90s memorabilia from their own childhoods, although it would also be possible to recreate an entire collection by scouring op shops and keeping an eye on eBay. Think VHS tapes of unforgettable 90s movies, typical 90s candy, plus stereotypical 80s tech like brick sized mobile phones, cassette tapes, 3 1/2 inch floppy disks, joysticks, Walkmans, and greyscale Nintendo Gameboys.

4. For the Jet Setter
If you’ve spent most of your 20s jetsetting around the globe and are looking forward to even more travel in your 25s, these ultra cute suitcase themed party favours will be the perfect accompaniment to your 25th birthday party.

5. Balloon Chandelier
Who doesn’t love balloons? Sure, people with globophobia don’t, but for everyone else, we would wager that at least a dozen evenings in your youth were spent sucking helium with your friends and giggling uncontrollably. This DIY balloon chandelier idea is a fantastic way of displaying photos from your past in the ultimate helium balloon chandelier.
Which one is your 25th Birthday Party Ideas?

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