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40th Birthday Party Invitations Tips

Forty years of age is quite a remarkable milestone. Once a person has accumulated four decades worth of life, it can be said that they know a thing or two about how to survive in this world. The 40th is a big birthday, so make sure you send a great invitation. If you or a loved one is turning the big four-zero, you will need some special 40th birthday party ideas to celebrate. In addition to the yard signs and crepe paper d├ęcor, there are many ideas to incorporate to turn the celebration into something unforgettable. A person’s fortieth birthday is one of the most important days in their lives, along with events such as school graduations or the birth of a child. Therefore, the invitations for a fortieth birthday celebration should be top of the line and elite. A person will always remember their sixteenth birthday, eighteenth birthday, and their twenty first birthdays. The big forty is another that can be added to this category. Even though the age of 40 is one that may be considered as aging, 40th birthday party invitations should be creative and youthful.

A person sending out invitations for their own 40th birthday party should be rather creative and not be afraid to poke fun at their own age. One item that will never disappoint as part of a 40th birthday party invitation is the decoration. Additionally, the more creative people can go for a couple of decorations. The decorations will demonstrate that a firm sense of humor is still intact and that the fortieth birthday is just like the thirty ninth in terms of age. When sending out 40th birthday invitations, think about the type of party that you are hosting. Is it formal or informal? modern or traditional? Choose invitations that match the theme and overall feel of the party. Another aspect of the party that you can incorporate into the 40th party invitations is the location. Is the party on a boat? Send anchor themed invitations. Is the party in a garden? Send flower shaped invitations. That being said, you should make sure to add your party location to the invitations and include directions and/or parking information when necessary. The wording for 40th birthday invitations completely depends on the guest of honor. Famous and classic poems, rhymes and verses can be used to make your 40th birthday invitation wording really special. Nobody likes reading a very long invitation, unless it is really interesting and captivating. Your 40th birthday invitation wording should be such that it conveys the message to the point and directly. There should not be any ambiguity regarding the message. If you are throwing a large party, send out save the dates 2-3 months in advance. Once it gets closer to your party (4-6 weeks in advance), send out the invitations to let the guests know all of the final details of the party. Also, be sure to say on the invitations if you would like guests to bring a gift and if you want them to RSVP for the party.