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A Cute Dora Birthday Party Ideas

Dora the Explorer has become a popular TV show with both kids and their parents. Between the interesting characters, songs, and adventure, Dora has turned into a great learning the importance of helping others. If you’ve got a child under the age of five, there is a good chance you are familiar with the loveable Dora the Explorer. And if your child has a birthday coming up, a Dora party is a great idea for a fun birthday celebration. Dora birthday party ideas are the example of many kinds of birthday party concepts for children. This will be very impotent thing for them who have a child and want to make a party with Dora as the concept. The children, who like Dora, will be very happy to see it. Well, if you are one of the people who look for information about how to make a birthday party with Dora as the theme, this article might help you.

While choosing Dora as the theme of your children birthday party, you should remember that your child is the fans of Dora. Do not use the theme that your children do not like. If you get confuse about the ideas, you can go to the internet, then search online about the pictures of Dora birthday party. Then, you will get inspiration for the birthday party that you will hold. Well, to make the place has a strong feel of Dora; you should put some attribute or some things that related to Dora. You can buy balloons that have Dora’s pictures printed on it. You also can make your birthday cake with Dora as the ornament. You also can make the invitation with Dora’s picture. For decoration, decorate the party with streamers and balloons. A fun way to hang streamers is to cut the crepe paper into strips varying from 8″ to 12″. Tape them next to each so they hang down on mantles, doorways, stairways, etc. Hang up posters and set up Dora toys throughout the room. Many stores sell a variety of Dora party stuff so keep a look out for Dora tablecloths, napkins, plates, and whatever else you can find. You can also be creative with your decorations. Set up a “Spooky Forest” using green streamers and cut outs of trees and bushes. Make a fun scavenger / treasure hunt for the birthday party guests. Set up a scavenger hunt in your backyard or around your house. Hide items like Dora’s purple backpack, The Map, Benny the Bull, Isa the Iguana, and other Dora the Explorer characters. If the kids run into swipe the Fox along the way, then they must say “swiper, no swiping!” three times before he steals one of the items that they have found in their scavenger hunt. Friendship bracelets make great party favors for your child’s Dora birthday party. Use yellow pony beads and blue flower beads to make these bracelets so that they look like the one that Dora wears. These materials can easily be found at a local craft store or online.