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A Fabulous American Girl Birthday Party Ideas

An American Girl birthday party may be the party of your daughter’s dreams. American Girl, developed in 1986, is known for their line of 18-inch dolls that customers can accessorize and dress. Like many popular retailers, American Girl offers a variety of birthday packages for your young daughter. The costs will depend on a few factors like the type, the number of guests, and others. Many little girls love the American Girl dolls and book series, and an American Girl-themed birthday party is sure to be a big hit. If your daughter loves the American Girl movies or has an American Girl doll, she will love having an American Girl birthday party. Create crafts, make treats and have fun activities that delight the imagination and hearts of young girls who love dolls. Plan an American Girl-style birthday party craft activity the girls can take home. Take pictures of the girls with their dolls. If you have a printer suited for printing photo images, print the images. Set up a craft table where the girls can create frames for their pictures out of plain matt frames you can buy at a drugstore or a dollar store.

Here are some tips to applied American Girl birthday party. Invitations, you’ve decided on a date and time for the birthday party, now it’s time to invite all of your guests. There are lots of invitation options available online, so you’ll need to decide how much time and money you want to spend on them. If you’re on a tight budget, you can create and print your own invitations with online templates, or purchase pre printed, blank American Girl stock invitations from Amazon. You can also call around to craft and party stores (Michaels and Party City) and see if they have invitations available in-store. Decorating for an American Girl themed birthday party is actually pretty simple. The color scheme for most American Girl birthday parties is pink and red, and the American Girl star logo is typically used to tie the theme together. Assuming your little girl doesn’t deviate from this standard design and scheme, most of your time will be spent making a list of the items you want and dedicating a day or two to purchasing what you need. In fact, most of this can be done in a weekend if you know what you want. Aside from decorations, food and drinks will consume most of your party planning and budget. If you’re looking to save money on the cake, stick to a simple cake with a solid color fondant and then decorate the rest on your own with sprinkles or toppers. You can also have red or pink stars added to make it look more American Girl themed. The same can be done for cupcakes; choose a solid color for the icing that goes with your theme and then add little toppers as a decoration.