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A Fun Teenage Girl Birthday Party Ideas

A well planned teenage girl’s birthday party is the perfect way to make your daughter, niece, granddaughter or other little girl in your life feel special on their big day. Happy childhood memories last for a long time by putting a little thought into the planning, you can give the birthday girl a party she will remember for years to come. Once the pink frills and princess themes are outgrown, how can you make a teen girl’s birthday special? Much of her enjoyment comes as she plans her party herself, down to the littlest details, so ask your daughter how she wants to celebrate and get her involved. My oldest daughter loves planning her birthdays. She even likes to bake and decorate her own cake with gobs of colors, swirls and sprinkles. If she’s a little younger or you’d prefer to keep it simple, make note of her favorite color, singer, cartoon character, or activity, and build your girls’ birthday party theme around one (or all) of these ideas.

Having a theme for your party is the best way to make a cohesive feeling throughout. If you are having a Twilight themed party, use colors like red and black. For example, serve a red punch. Simply pour Hawaiian red soda into a large punch bowl and float ice and apples in the bowl it’s perfect for the Twilight birthday revelry. Decide ahead of time what you will need to throw your party. You might find that you can recycle decorations you’ve used before, or borrow big-ticket items such as a smoke machine. Rather then serving a traditional birthday cake, create a candy display table and impress guests with your creativity. To choose the right dessert selection, consider the taste of your guests as well as the guest of honor for the celebration. You can include desserts and candies that fit a theme. To add an easy and fun element to any decor, add a bouquet of flowers. Flowers don’t have to be expensive, and you already have containers to use as vases in your house or dorm. Take advantage of the different floral varieties that are available each season. Don’t fusses over it just fill a vase with warm water, snip the ends of the stems, and drop them in. Another fun teenage girl birthday party idea is to get a group of your teen’s friends together for a weekend away. It could be at a beach house, swanky hotel in the nearest city, or for a camping trip (great for guy teens). Set up your teen and their friends in one or two rooms and get yourself a room down the hall so you’re present but there’s still a little separation. Have a few activities planned, including a nice birthday dinner where the focus is entirely on the birthday boy or girl.