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A Romantic Garden Theme Wedding

If you want to feel the sun’s rays on your skin as you say your vows in a perfectly relaxed atmosphere with fellow nature lovers, then a wonderfully enchanted garden wedding is for you. Though you may have already picked the venue, even if it is your own back yard. From rolling pastures through to picturesque formal gardens, a garden themed wedding can bring about a swoon-worthy, fairytale-like charm to it. Embracing nature’s beauty with luscious green lawns, magnificent trees and stunning flowers, one of real wedding’s featured garden locations can truly encapsulate the magic of your day. Dependent on the season and weather changes, just be sure to have a back-up plan organized. A beautiful marquee will keep your guests safe from glaring rays and shelter from paltering rain it’ll take you from day to night so just decorate it to suit your theme.

As it is a garden wedding, flowers are to be expected, but don’t just have them on the aisle, a beautiful flower garland headpiece on the bride and bridesmaids will not only look great in the setting, but also compliments the gowns in a stylishly fun way. Chances are you’ll probably be using a good amount of ribbon to add that special touch to your garden wedding; try tying little glass orbs with tea lights inside to the ribbon and hang them all around the setting. Birdcages filled with flowers can also make for great decorations as well as stringing up some beads, ceramic decorations, fairy lights or bunting all delightfully whimsical additions to the décor. Rustic inspired signs telling your guests where to go creates a little excitement and also add a touch of vintage chic to your outdoor theme. If you’re having an aisle, you could place flowers in glass jars or mini buckets and tie them to the chairs or benches for a picture-perfect setting. Lighting has a huge impact on the ambience of a party so think about using only candle light for your garden party decorations. Line the route to the garden with paper luminaries, which give a lovely warm amber glow. Just fill brown bags with sand to weigh them down then pop a jam jar inside with a candle in it. Alternatively, you can use battery operated LED candles which are really cheap and have a flickering effect to look natural. Every bride chooses her colors based on personal preferences, but decorating in a garden space means nature has already done half the work for you! In order to complement the surroundings rather than compete with them, choose a palette that’s floral based and occurs naturally. Soft peach, warm yellow and pale pink is a pretty combination that mimics flowers and stands out from the greenery. One of the best ways to add interest to an area is to give it layers. This works in home decor as well as party decor and can be thought of in terms of height or depth. Layering the table with a base cloth and a runner lengthwise is nice, but make it even more interesting by adding shorter, more decorative runners across the table, too. This not only adds color, but it visually connects place settings that are across from one another. Using a combination of rustic burlap with floral fabric creates balance that has both a feminine and masculine quality.