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A Wonderful Cowboy Themed Baby Shower

Baby showers are wonderful opportunities to celebrate the arrival of the cute bundle of joy. Even if you’ve already had a baby, you can still have a second shower because every baby is worth commemorating. If you know that the little angel is a boy, why not throw a cowboy themed baby shower? In fact you can use this theme even if you’re having a little girl. Just add splashes of pink to the color scheme of the party and you’ll have a girlie cowboy baby shower.Who says that the shower theme needs to be all about hearts, teddy bears and lollipops? You can try funnier, unconventional ideas for a baby shower, like a cowboy theme baby shower. The theme is very generous and there are a lot of decorating ideas you can pick from. Of course, the cowboy theme is all about cowboys, horses, saloons, country music and a whole lot of fun. A cowboy themed baby shower has all the Wild West elements that you may be looking for. It is a baby shower with attitude because it is a party straight from the time when the law of the Wild West was the only law in the land. Your Western party will be the best baby shower party that your guests will have ever attended.

Make the most of your Western baby shower with authentic cowboy hats for every one! Every guest and every local invited to your soiree gets to take home truly fine cowboy head gear and if a certain person gets lucky, he may even get to bring home some party favors courtesy of the momma and dad to be. Aside from authentic cowboy hats, make your guests wear cowboy vests too, all courtesy of the host and hostess of the event. These giveaways could be your keepsakes and thank you presents as well. The cake is the main event of your baby shower and when it comes to Western cowboy and cowgirl cakes, you only choose the best-tasting pastry in the land topped with brown fondant icing. The two or three layer cake is going to be a masterpiece with a baby cowboy or cowgirl figurine made of sugar. You will also love decorating the cake sides with lassos, ropes, horses and saddles. Make it perfect with baby items such as diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers and all kinds of baby animals. You may bake your own cake if you have amazing baking skills or have it pre-ordered instead if you wish to have a professionally-made cake. Decorations for your Western baby shower could be anything related to the Wild West. Large wagon wheels, hay, rocking horses, ropes, LED lights and other wooden ornaments make for a truly authentic Western style party. If you want, you can have your party outdoors or even in a barn to have the feel of true Western hospitality. Finally, don’t forget your keepsakes and giveaways for your guests! There are a lot of Western inspired keepsakes such as baby horse candles, Western-themed baby shower magnets, buttons, figurines and so much more. A cowboy baby shower is a great way to get your party started and celebrate the coming of a new cowboy or cowgirl into your life.