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A Wonderful Lalaoopsy Birthday Party

Take party guests on a magical journey to a special land where adorable rag dolls live with Lalaloopsy party. If you are not already familiar with LaLaLoopsy dolls they are colorful dolls with cute buttons for eyes and yarn for hair. The main emphasis for this party was buttons, yarn and cupcakes. There were jars filled with colorful yarn balls, a cupcake garland, and button lollipops. According to the story, people stumble upon this enchanted land when they take a wrong turn and find themselves facing a secret door. Behind the door, strawberry rivers flow and Lalaloopsy rag dolls live and play. Everything about these characters is “sew magical” and “sew cute.” If your daughter is a Lalaloopsy doll collector enjoys the TV show, she will love a theme party complete with partyware designed with her favorite characters.

For a unique twist, you make your own invitation Lalaloopsy cards. This can be, that a good activity to irritate your child and for you the rag doll. Here are a few ideas for Lalaloopsy invitations for your event. Create an invitation home with paper crafts and son. Be creative and make a Lalaloopsy face with braids of yarn. Drilling holes around the edge of the paper and screw with thread for a topic of Couture meet. Write the details of your party in the felt. Ask some of your Lalaloopsy doll in a cute scene and a picture. Print the image as an invitation mailing card format and register the details of your event on the back. If you have image software, you can add the tag directly on your invitation. If you want to do them by hand you can get some regular white computer paper. fold it horizontally, then cut it in half then you can print and image of the lalaloopsy and print it. when I did it, i asked my little girl to ask her friend which is their favorite lalaloopsy and have them write it on the paper. so each invite was personalized, make them colorful and fun, but don’t forget about the buttons, stitches and ribbons. For decoration, you an find them at a local store or make them yourself. If you go to a dollar tree, close by yo can get a lalaloopsy coloring to make then decorations like cut out the dolls from the page color them and hang them around the house or party place, and maybe get a big white poster board (or maybe even 2!) and make your little girl’s favorite lalaloopy’s home maybe even with the lalaloopsy beside it. Then, be sure to have some lalaoopsy themed foods. If there are like 8 eight guest you can give then cute little lalaloopsy stickers, candy, maybe even little bracelets! So, in target they had the lalaloopsies at 5 dollars and in each goodie bag each little girl had a new lalaloopsy.