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A Wonderful Mustache Birthday Party Ideas

One way to celebrate your growing little boy is to throw him a Mustache Man Birthday Party. This theme is also perfect for a little girl’s birthday party. With a fun idea like this, you have a lot of different options that are all sure to keep your child happy. You can create a sophisticated venue using a soft blue, and black for your color choices or pink for a girl. This opens up a glamorous look that will impress everyone who gets to attend your event. With an elegant invitation with swirly fonts, you can really emphasize the classy theme appropriately. And a mustache bash is a fun party theme for any age. Men may be the ones to grow their ‘stanches, but women, teens, twins and kids all love sporting a fake mustache accessory just for fun. That’s why a mustache theme party is equally appropriate for a milestone adult birthday party, as it is for a teen or child’s themed birthday party.

To decorate your party room, drape your guest tables in soft blue or pink cloths that reach close to the floor, this gives that sophisticated feel with a simple touch. You can tie black ribbons around the back of the chairs to give a neat and easy accent to the tables. For your centerpieces, you can put together bouquets of flowers and stick little mustaches on straws in them to add a neat little look. Hang up groups of hanging lanterns to create a full atmosphere. You can even border your buffet table with a banner of mustaches to incorporate that adorable style into the whole area. This would be a fun theme to print out menus for each guest, adding to the elegance and have little labels for each of the dishes you create. Use one of these invitation templates to create an invite to your Mustache Bash. Naturally you’ll want to add your favorite mustache image to the invitations. To entertain your visitors, have a craft table set up to let everyone make their own little mustache, and add unique little options like paint and glitter to make them super special. Have everyone play a round of pin the mustache on the man and see who can get the closest to the correct placement. Have a dress up race to see who can put on a full suit (adult size to put over their own clothes) the fastest. Welcome guests to your party with a large sign-in board that has a giant mustache glued to the top. Create a sign-in board by attaching a piece of poster board to a large foam display board, and propping it up either on an easel or chair at the entry to your home. Provide plenty of felt tip markers for creative signatures. Remind guests to add their favorite mustache to their signature. Good luck.