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Adorable Despicable Me Birthday Party Ideas

Plenty of Despicable Me decorations and party supplies will make for a super fun birthday. Minionize the party room with Despicable Me balloons, banners and tableware bursting with Gru’s little yellow henchmen. This is such a fun party theme for either a boy or girl. I especially love the Minion character table centerpieces, they are so fun. I also love all of the cute blue and yellow dessert and treat ideas, from the cake pops to the Minion cookies. This party is so fun and would be perfect for anyone who loves Despicable Me/Minions. Whether you’re celebrating a kid’s or even a “grown-up kid’s” birthday party, a Despicable Me theme is an adorable way to add some fun to the event when the guest-of-honor is a major minion fan. There are countless ways to get creative and turn your favorite treats and everyday decorations into those popular, lovable minions.

Let’s start off with some Despicable Me Party Invitations. You will find a nice selection of Despicable Me Ticket Style Invitations which are perfect for a party based upon a movie. The Ticket Invitations look just like a real Movie Ticket and even better if you are taking the kids to the theater to see the movie. There are many designs to choose from and they all are completely personalized with your party information. Also a lot of sellers will allow you to print them from home so last minute party planners are saved. Use blue and yellow paper to make a minion on the front, complete with googly eyes. Write all of the party information on the back. On the front of the invitation, write all of Gru’s rules for the girls in the first movie (no crying, whining, laughing, giggling, sneezing, burping, farting, or making annoying sounds) and write all of the information on the back. Blow up yellow balloons and attach printouts of minion’s glasses. Use a sharpie to give your minions a mouth and hair. Gluing googly eyes onto yellow cups makes minion cups! Use a sharpie to give them hair, a mouth, and other characteristics. If you do this on sturdy plastic cups, the guests can take them home as a fun party favor. A yellow and blue tablecloth can transform your front door and get guests excited before they even enter! Cover the top 2/3 of your front door with a yellow tablecloth, and the bottom 1/3 with the blue. Using black construction paper, cut out a mouth, a strap for the goggles, and the blacks of the eyes. Use white construction paper cut into a circle for the outside of the eyes. Glue these onto the yellow tablecloth, and you have yourself a giant minion! Make sure you cut out a slit for the doorknob so that guests can enter. Post some funny guest rules for everyone to follow! In the first movie, Gru tells the girls that there will be no crying, whining, laughing, giggling, sneezing, burping, farting, or making annoying sounds. Print these rules out and paste them around the party. For a creative backdrop, tape up a blue or yellow tablecloth to the wall. Blow up balloons in opposite color of the tablecloth and attach them in a line at the top of the tablecloth. Next, take blue and yellow streamers and hang them down from the balloons, in alternating order. Twist each streamers and secure them at the bottom of the backdrop. This works well for the food station, present station, or for photos.