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Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations Plan

Alice in Wonderland is a classic party theme that’s perfect for birthdays, Mad Hatter tea parties, showers and backyard events. The whimsical feel of an Alice in Wonderland theme comes from the food and music, and especially the decorations. Having the right decorations can bring your Alice in Wonderland theme to life and make your guests feel as though they’ve stepped into their own wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is a great story that has been the inspiration for movies, television shows, video games, and music. Alice in Wonderland is a great theme for a party, and you can make several decorations with this theme in mind. Make your child’s next birthday memorable by throwing an Alice in Wonderland theme party. This movie-inspired theme is perfect for a girl’s birthday because it’s creative, fun and whimsical. Incorporate aspects of the movie into the food, favors, cake and decorations.

Here are some tips to make Alice in Wonderland party decorations. For Alice in Wonderland party decorations, draw inspiration from the film and some of the major (and most memorable) scenes. Use the Mad Hatter tea party as a guide to decorate your party table and party space. To start, cover a long table with a bright table cloth in bright pink, orange or blue. Use a variety of mismatched bright colored plastic chairs for fun seating. For each place setting, use real china teacups, bright plastic plates, cutlery and napkins. Create “drink me” tags out of cardstock to put on drink pitchers and teapots. For table centerpieces, line the center of the table with flower arrangements displayed in large teapots. Scatter playing cards and stuffed white rabbits on the table to complete the table landscape. Other items to include around the party space are signs that read, “The Queen of Hearts Courtyard,” “Wonderland,” and “The Mad Hatter House.” Place bright colored streamers, balloons, and colorful paper lanterns around the party table and at the entrance of the party. Decorate the party area with any “Alice in Wonderland” pictures, posters, toys and plush animals your child may have. Place the items all around the party area and use the larger items as balloon centerpieces for the party tables. Other ideas include printing pictures from the Internet of scenes from the movie and hanging them on the walls. Use light blue sheets or tablecloths for the party tables. Other items to scatter around the party area include decks of cards, plastic costume jewelry, mismatched tea sets and silk flowers. Hang paper lanterns above the table and throughout the room. Use your deck of playing cards to string as garlands on light fixtures or even chairs. Scatter the remaining cards around the table. Place things like golden keys and stopped clocks around the table, on counters and shelves. Use your rabbit paw tracks to trace directions from the door to the table and throughout the room. Fill leftover teacups with white and red silk roses. Stuff a paintbrush with the dried red paint in a few arrangements and leave the remaining brushes throughout the room.