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Awesome Black and White Wedding Theme

If you’re going for a timeless, elegant look, you really can’t go past classic black and white. There’s very little that can go wrong with this subtle and elegant combo – and you’re guaranteed that, years from now, your wedding photos will still be in fashion. Black and white also goes with most any other third color, if you want to add a little personality and pizzazz to this very traditional color combo. You can never go wrong when choosing Black and White as your wedding color theme. But if you aren’t comfortable with only black and white, you can create a really lovely wedding palette by adding a pop of color. The combination of black and white for weddings is one of those timeless classics that will never go out of style. If you are a traditionalist, you can stick with damask and flourish patterns for an upscale, elegant look at your wedding. However, more trendy brides can keep this classic from getting boring by adding some fun patterns or a splash of color such as fuchsia, red, green or yellow as an accent.

Whether classic or modern, black and white is one color choice that you won’t regret making when you look back on your wedding photos years from now. Keep your wedding attire simple. A black and white theme doesn’t go well with ruffles and frills. For the bride, dress in a sleek, straight white gown. Some raised embroidered details near the hem would look lovely. Add a long chiffon scarf draped around the front of the neck, over the shoulders and hanging down the back of the dress. Decorating your ceremony and wedding reception locations should be a snap. Remember to keep it simple and uncluttered. For pew markers choose large white bows with a black center knot. Use white tablecloths, black napkins, black dishes or reverse this if possible and isn’t too expensive (black tablecloth, white napkins, white plates). For the napkins, have your names and wedding date printed in the opposite color. Accent the settings with a colored foil-wrapped chocolate rose or a rose candle across the plates or use colored napkin rings (for cloth napkins). Use black and white balloons for arches and balloon bouquets. Tie black balloons with white ribbon, white balloons with black ribbon. On table, use white flower arrangements in black ceramic vases. Tie an accent colored ribbon around the neck of the vase for emphasis. Another table centerpiece idea would be to use black candlesticks or candelabras with white taper candles. Light up the tables with black and white floating candles in a clear bowl. Alternatively, use black candles in a white bowl and vice versa. You could also fill a clear, wide vase or jar with black and white marbles/beads, etc. and set a white or black candle inside. Alternate the candle colors on different tables. Wedding favors could consist of white wedding cake bubbles, personalized mint tins, almonds or chocolates placed in black & white dress and tuxedo favor boxes, or perhaps candies or nuts nestled in miniature black top hats.