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Best Baby Shower Themes Ideas

In the late 1800s, planning a baby shower meant organizing a tea party after a baby was born. In those days, a baby shower couldn’t be held before a baby was born because it was considered unseemly for pregnant women to be seen in public. Picking a theme often makes planning a shower easier. There are many reasons you might choose baby shower themes. While planning a baby shower for the future mommy-to-be or parents-to-be, a theme can help give you focus and allow you to concentrate on the finer details. A great theme can tie everything together for a seamless event and can help with your selection of decorations, favors, and refreshments. Once you select a theme, many decisions will naturally fall into place. For example, if you choose a storybook theme, your baby shower decorations could include pictures and toys taken from storybooks as well as the actual books themselves. Guests could be invited to bring their favorite children’s book as a gift. Refreshments could be inspired by children’s stories like Green Eggs and Ham Quiche.

Once you pick a theme, keep it in mind as you select invitations; wall and ceiling decorations, table decorations, including centerpieces, tableware (e.g., napkins, plates), food and beverages, and baby shower favors. It’s up to you how far you want to go. You can be subtle, with just a few elements to tie your shower together, or go full-throttle and run the party theme through everything. Having a theme does not mean everything has to be perfectly matched. In fact, if all the decorations and party ware look alike, the effect could be monotonous or overwhelming. Instead, look for different items that go well together. The theme doesn’t have to be about babies! Think about colors, patterns (polka dots, stripes), flowers, the mother’s hobbies (knitting, yoga, cooking), the family’s cultural heritage (Irish, Native American, Chinese, etc.), and so on. About half of all parents want to know if their baby is a boy or girl before the big day. If you know the sex of the baby you’re hosting a shower for, this can help determine the shower’s theme. Unsurprisingly, a blue color scheme is popular for boys and a pink color scheme is popular for girls. You may also want to consider an occupation themed baby shower. Many dads and moms have occupations with associations that can be played up for a baby shower. Of course, just as many parents choose not to know the sex of the baby. This in itself can make a good baby shower theme.