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Best Finding Nemo Birthday Party

Fans of Disney Pixar films, Finding Nemo and Finding Nemo 3D can celebrate their favorite fish with these ideas for a Finding Nemo birthday party. Whether you’re having your birthday party on a boat, at a park, in a restaurant, or at your home, it is essential to carry on the theme you’ve chosen with appropriate decorations. The birthday invitations set the mood, now it’s time for you to prepare to dress up the party venue and live up to everyone’s expectations. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to accomplish this feat, however. You just need your imagination and some good advice. The most important element in finding perfect birthday party decorations is thinking outside of the proverbial box. Instead of simply choosing balloons and streamers, what other types of accessories could you include to make your birthday celebration truly shine?

Here are some things you should consider, when it will apply the Finding Nemo theme at the event your child’s birthday. First is start from invitation, if you have the time to make your own invitations, here are a few ideas to consider. Print out movie stills from the Finding Nemo movie and write your party details directly on the photo. Each guest can have a different scene. Fold a piece of orange cardstock in half. Cut out the shape of a clownfish so the card still holds together at the top. Use strips of white cardstock as the fish’s stripes and draw on the details with black marker. Write your party details inside. Punch a hole in the corner of a card-style invitation and attach it to a fish-shaped cookie cutter or>fish silly straw. Send them in padded envelopes. Purchase seashells at a craft store, or collect them on the beach and wash and dry them thoroughly. Write your party details on the shells and send them in highly padded envelopes, or hand-deliver them to your guests. Secondly, you can send your invitations along with plush or plastic fish (available from a party store). Put them in small boxes, and mail to your Finding Nemo birthday party guests. This will create a nice surprise for all the kids. Lastly, download and print images of Finding Nemo characters on the front of white invitation cards. Write birthday party details on the inside, and invite your child to help you with putting theme stickers on the cards. Best colors for your Finding Nemo party decorations are orange, lime green, yellow and blue. Print pictures of Marlin, Nemo, and the gang. Next, tape them to the fence to mark your party spot. Drape fishnet over the fence (or over a fixture in the yard), and attach some plastic tropical fish figurines and cutouts. Play Finding Nemo theme music in the background. Spread lots of green paper streamers for seaweed, clear balloons for bubbles and plastic fish throughout your driveway. (Kids will love the idea of going through the sea.) Fill several kiddies pools with water, and spread them around the yard. If you possess an artistic inclination, then design a Shark standee by drawing and cutting shark out of solid paper. Cut out shark’s mouth, so the kids can get their pictures taken, putting their head “inside the mouth”. You can also purchase a similar standee from a party store so it saves you a lot of time. Decorate your Finding Nemo birthday party table with a theme tablecloth. Place a large seashell (or other “ocean” item) for a centerpiece. Tie some colorful balloons to the back of the chairs. Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday” banner in the area.