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Black and white striped party decorations

Ahoy me hearties! Gather yourselves Rapscallions for a fun and memorable pirate themed birthday party.

Black and white striped party decorations , This theme is perfect for a party the kids, because it’s so Swashbuckling and Walking the Plank to do, however, increased pirate parties for girls have become popular recently, as well as children Pirate Parties mixed.

Set the compass for True North and follow these ideas to a party Great:

Party Decorations

Decorate Black and white striped party decorations will consist of many Red & White Stripes, Jolly Roger flags, back Cloth, Hessian and fish Nets.

You might get a little ‘of sand and create a center or area treasure. Using a coffer as shore with sand, shells, messages in bottles and many jewels and treasures of the course.

Pirates love to be able to drive and keep fit all ship. A viewpoint where your little pirates can use their telescopes and have their game sword would be ideal.

Do not forget themed napkins and plates in red and black stripes, or better yet, of pirates.

A black mainsail on the table full of food with a Jolly Roger to warn other nearby ships Pirates abound!

You could label as old bottles’ Pirates Ale “and have labeled bottles with an old sign of poison.

Food Party

Of course, Pirates love the sea. So, fish sticks, calamari, shrimp and would be an excellent choice. Pirates also love to be messy, so the chicken, ribs or kebabs could be fun.

The Pirate candy buffet could be maintained in the color theme of Black and white striped party decorations with licorice, jelly beans, bullets, rings of anise, mini mud pies, Jaffa and, of course, gold coins Chocolate.

Do not forget the refreshments! Pirates spend much of their time (or perhaps too long) drink, so a little ‘or Sarsparilla Cola’ Ale ‘would be a good idea for your rabble thirst.

Table games

What would a pirate without treasure? Perhaps you could provide treasure maps and allow pirates to go hunting alone.

If you want to be creative, you can paint a great picture of a pirate and a fun round of “Pin Pirate parrot ‘. The Pirate blindfolded nearest place on the shoulder Parrot Pirates wins a prize.

Pirates still need beards and tattoos. Why not have a competition to paint the best beards and tattoos on each other – or, better yet, not the little pirates are left!