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Black white and red party decorations

Are you planning a party based on the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer? With books to sell over 40 million copies in more than 37 countries, the Black white and red party decorations of the party of Twilight will be hot this year. Why not start planning your celebration of Twilight right now.

Twilight Party Invitations

You can write using the handwriting? If so, you can copy the nice police, Carmilla, and write your invitations in the script that resembles the writing of Edward. Use paper in search of antiques and take your party guests in 1918 … the era of Edward. Use Twilight Clipart can find online to decorate your invitations. Add all the important information of the party, such as:

They get are shipped right out, and now it is the other activities of party planning.

Twilight party decorations

Black white and red party decorations , Life Size stand up Bella and Edward can be purchased on-line, if you want to have these two love birds to your party. Imagine the look on the faces of everyone as they walk in your party and see Edward and Bella! What a great start for your party decoration! These life-size cutouts are also with James, Laurent and Victoria … nomadic vampires that cause all the problems Twilight.Can’t allow the cuts? Or they do not want to spend so much money on decorations of the party? Find photos of Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper and the rest of the Twilight cast in magazines. Cut the pages and put the pictures in frames. Scatter them around the party room, as if they were the people who live there.


Since the Cullen family are vegetarians … which means, vampire talk, they drink the blood of animals, decorate your party does not have to be the same old bloody, the vampire Count Dracula scary Halloween decor style to which we are accustomed. The Cullens are a family with a fine style, grace and taste.

Many of the Black white and red party decorations supplies you can use for part of Twilight could be things you already have. How nice to be able to use the stationery you have and do not have to buy more!