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Boys Birthday Party Ideas Decorating

A great boy’s birthday is only a few mouse clicks away. Choose from over 60 boy’s birthday party themes from favorite Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, and WWE themes to several themes sold in stores or online. From Star Wars to sports themes, each “family” of party supplies offers tableware (table cover, plates, cups, and napkins), decorations, invitations, party favors, and specialty products like games and costumes. Everything matches, so you can purchase with confidence, knowing that each item “fits” within the scheme of the birthday theme. Party kits are an especially convenient way to buy, giving you everything you need for a birthday celebration of eight or sixteen guests. Birthday parties aren’t hard to throw; it’s all in the planning. Give yourself enough time to get a few ideas together and see what you and your child like the best. Take into consideration the ages of the birthday child and attendees, the place it will be held, and definitely your budget.

If you need a party theme idea for your son, here are some of our most popular boy themed party guides. Use these guides to get ideas for theme related games, planning suggestions and more. Knight party, if your son is into medieval stories or just likes slaying dragons, this is the party for him. Star Wars party, if your son is a die hard Star Wars fan, than why not host his next birthday use Star Wars theme. Star Wars is one of the themes, the most widely favored by boys all over the world. If your children also love Star Wars, then he would be very happy if you choose the theme of Star Wars on his birthday. Decorations can be either generic or tied to the specific theme you choose for your son’s party. Here are some general suggestions for creating a vibrant atmosphere. Use your child’s favorite colors as your basic color scheme. Drape streamers from the ceiling and anchor groups of balloons around the party area with balloon weights. Add Mylar balloon to some of your balloon groups for added effect. Hang a banner or sign on the front door that reads “Boys Only – Password required” and then send the secret password to your guests in their invitations. Use toys that your son already owns as decorations, such as toy trucks, train sets, army men, matchbox cars, or animal figurines. Find favorite photos of your son and his friends. Make color copies and blow them up to poster size. Hang them around the party area. If your son and his friends like video games, set up a station where everyone can take turns playing a sports or racing game together. And next is about food, with a pack of hungry boys, you can’t go wrong with the party staples like pizza, hotdogs, chips, and dip. However, if you want to add a few special treats, consider the following ideas. Use truck-shaped or dog-shaped cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches and cookies. You can also make Jell-o treats into shapes after the Jell-O has set. Make homemade pretzels and serve them with different toppings, such as cinnamon and sugar, parmesan cheese, sea salt, or chocolate powder. Freeze grape juice or red Kool-Aid into ice cubes before the party. During the party, fill each guest’s cup with ginger ale and let them drop their colored ice cubes in the cup, making “magic” bubbly drinks.