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Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas Decorating

Cinderella has been a much loved classic fairy tale since the release of the 1950 animation. This year, the movie will be brought back to life in a live action movie starring Cate Blanchett and Helen Bohemcarter. The live adaptation looks just as magical as the animation with breathtaking visual effects and costume designs. The movie will definitely rekindle our love for the classic fairy tale for those young and old. Out of all the Disney princesses, Cinderella has been an all-time favorite for kids. Girls are just crazy about how the unfortunate young woman became blessed with a good fortune and found her Prince Charming at the end. A Cinderella themed party is therefore inevitable for the parents of every young girl. Plan the perfect Cinderella birthday party for your little princess. Treat all of the children like guests at a royal ball. Introduce the kids as “Prince Ethan” and “Princess Savannah” as they arrive at the party. For your fairytale festivity, incorporate Cinderella party ideas into all of the details including favors, games, and decorations. Create a magical party setting for your little princess with a Cinderella themed ball. Bring the magic to the party by decorating a whimsical party scene in gold and blue. Serve high tea to the guests and make them feel like royalty for a day.

Outside the party venue decorate with light blue and yellow balloons. Have pumpkins lining the walkway to the party and hang paper birds in the trees with fishing line to look like they are flying low towards the party. Make the front door look like a castle and create a drawbridge from a large appliance box that guests have to walk over to get to the party. Make the drawbridge chains from strips of brown and black construction paper or buy large plastic chains at the home improvement store. For the party table use a light or medium blue tablecloth with light blue or yellow plates, cups and napkins. Place glitter or silver confetti on the table (place a clear tablecloth over the table if the guests are younger then 3). Buy or make a horse and carriage and place it on the center table for a centerpiece. Party chairs can be made to look festive by tying tulle around the backs and then make a big bow at the back of each chair. Set out princess tiaras at each place setting or use to hold name cards. Instead of using paper plates (and if the children are old enough) use china or buy a cheap set of dishes that look expensive. Decorate a room for the royal ball and place lots of blown up light blue, medium blue and white balloons on the floor. You will need enough to cover the floor. The princesses will love walking and dancing through the balloons. Strings of lights can be used to create a fairytale feel by hanging them on the walls, in plants and trees and in the middle of the party table. If you have enough you can hang them everywhere and then turn out the lights and let the kids dance under the stars.