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Cool Animal Themed Birthday Party

An animal themed birthday party is a great way to entertain and educate children of all ages, and even adults. What better way to create an unforgettable party than to combine the excited energy of kids with the natural antics of animals? Adults also enjoy our programs, telling us that they appreciate our sense of humor, like our personal approach, and that they learn new things about animals, too. Parties at the Zoo are available most park operating days. If your child is an animal lover, you’re in luck: There are plenty of unusual birthday party options that will be a blast for your child and his or her guests. From smaller hometown facilities to those that are nationally known, many zoos and aquariums offer party packages.

Either purchase invitations matching your theme, or make your own with card stock paper. Your local scrap booking center will have die-cut machines available for your use. Cut monkeys, elephants, lions and other favorite animals. Use a bright gel pen to write your message and party information “We’re going WILD for _____’s Birthday” Variation: For an extra special invitation hand delivers a box of animal crackers with the note attached. Create a jungle with green streamers draped around the room and hanging from the ceiling. Place animal stuffed animals where they can be seen and played with. When entertaining little ones be alert to choking hazards. Balloons should be placed out of reach. Cover your table and set with Animal Jungle plates, napkins and cups. Use a stuffed monkey, elephant or giraffe for a centerpiece and attach a bouquet of balloons to the stuffed animal. Or if you are in a zoo, these are some tips for you. As the children are arriving, have homemade (or bought), Safari hats with their names on them. This will help you identify the children, and set up a great mood for your animal themed birthday party. When the children arrive, they are usually super excited and bursting with energy. Have someone helping you; take the children into a room, where you have previously hid little animal or bug figurines around. And here some examples of activities for animal themed. If the children are old enough, add an art project to your party. Provide paint with water books, play dough with animal cookie cutters or animal shaped sponges and paint. Don’t forget the art smocks or large T-shirts!