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Cool Barney Birthday Decorations Theme

Barney is a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex who conveys learning through songs and small dance routines with a friendly, optimistic attitude. He was created in 1987 by Sheryl Leach. He comes to life through a child’s mind. His favorite saying is, “Super Dee duper.” He eats his fruits and veggies and he loves a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk. This article will discuss about Barney birthday decorations. A Barney party is perfect for young boys and girls because it incorporates the joy, happiness, and fun that is Barney. If your birthday boy or girl loves the “dinosaur sensation,” Barney, then you’re at the right spot! A Barney themed birthday party can be simply decorations with a little creativity and a lot of imagination. For arranging a Barney birthday party you can get all the party supplies like balloons, ribbons, other decorations, card, cake, and music at a discounted rate which is very attractive yet cost effective. Its vivacious color, ingenious decor and wide range of dinosaur themed games make it a perfect way of entertainment.

Create a Barney inspired playroom using fun and festive Barney party decorations. To start, tie purple and green balloons around the room, at the party entrance and on the mailbox. Hang purple, green, and yellow streamers from the ceiling and cover the party table with a purple table cover and accent with green place settings. For centerpieces, filled large clear candy jars with purple and green M&M’s and gum drops. Top each jar with a stuffed Barney doll. Hang Barney and Friends posters or cardboard cutouts to complete your Barney theme party space. Decorations for this party are as simple as purple streamers and purple balloons. Decorate the table with a purple tablecloth that you have decorated with Barney stickers. In the background, you may want to play a Barney tape or CD to set the mood for your young partygoers. Purple plates and cups can be bought at the dollar store and you can get the table cloth there also. One way to save on paper “Barney” products is maybe purchasing all purple items, plates, forks, napkins & goodie bags. You can save right there instead of it buying the Barney products. They have dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets you can get at a warehouse, i.e. Sam’s, and then purchase French fries. For some games ideas, there’s pinned the tail on Barney. Trace a Barney figure on some construction paper and then color it and make a tail for each child. You can also get a Barney color book and maybe give one child a page and they have to color it blind folded and who ever does the best at staying in lines gets a prize.