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Cowgirl Birthday Invitation Theme

Themed birthdays are adored by kids worldwide. The Wild West theme is widely gaining popularity in both kids and adults these days. One such theme that little girls love to have is the cowgirl theme. Here is where they can dress up in their favorite cowgirl dress along with matching boots and hats. The cowgirl birthday invitations for such parties can be designed easily since many ideas and tips can be taken from online resources. Cowgirl birthday parties are not only entertaining for kids, they are also fun and easy for you to plan. These parties can be ornately themed, like a cattle-drive style, campfire-boasting sleepover under the stars, or as simple as inviting guests to dress as cowgirls and offering cowboy hats as party favors. Use your imagination to create an age-appropriate cowgirl-themed birthday party for your child.

Research plays a very vital role when it comes to choosing the cowgirl birthday party invitations of your choice. Parents who like to be unique with the invitations can make use of blank templates that are readily available on online websites. These blank templates can then be customized with phrases and images of your choice. The Wild West is known for the jeans and you can even design the invites with denim fabrics or similar coloured paper. Cut off taken from coloured books will also make ideal cowgirl birthday invites. You might come across many books that have pictures of cowboy or cowgirl boots that can be cut out and pasted on colourful cardstocks. You can even add colourful accessories and have the wordings written in colourful inks. Poster invitations are sure to become a hit amongst the guests. You can even use these to design cowgirl kids birthday invitations. All you need is a computer and MS Word. You can type out all the party details on blank templates and have them printed out on parchments. In order to add a personal touch to the invites, you can even add a photo of your kid. Finally to give an authentic look to the invites, you can have the edges burnt with the help of a lighter. Hosting a kids cowgirl birthday party is easy when you center your theme around a real or fictional cowgirl. Create custom invitations on your computer, printed with pictures of Calamity Jane or Jessie (from Toy Story). Tell guests to come dressed as their favorite cowgirl (or cowboy, for coed parties). Encourage them to create their own cowgirl persona if they can’t decide on a real one to be. Give out party favors of bandannas and tin cups. For fun activities, consider horseshoes or decorating sugar cookies shaped like horses, cactus plants and cowgirl hats. For a more extravagant gesture, offer pony rides to your cowgirl guests or visit a petting zoo for a field trip party. Choosing the words for the cowgirl birthday invites is not at all difficult. In fact, you might come across many websites that offer fun filled phrases that will match with the Wild West slangs or phrases. Some of the common words that will look good on the invitations include “Howdy pardner” or “Welcome to Wild West”.