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Curious George Birthday Party For Kids

Need a fun theme for your kid’s next birthday bash? Little ones will go bananas for a Curious George birthday party. Curious George is the monkey that all kids can relate to because he’s fun, playful, and always gets into mischief. Is your child an inquisitive explorer who loves to make sense of any curiosities’ If so, then the Curious George party theme will be the right one for your child’s next birthday. This theme is full of so many fun coordinating items that The Man with The Yellow Hat would feel right at home. The cups, napkins, plates, and table cover all features Curious George celebrating a birthday, so it will feel like he’s really there. Get inspired by this classic character from children’s literature and create a magical world for your child’s birthday party. Everyone loves Curious George. The lovable little monkey has captured children’s hearts and imaginations for generations. If your child loves monkey business, this is the party for you.

Here are some fabulous Curious George birthday party ideas to help you throw a successful bash. Send out monkey themed kids birthday invitations to the party guests. Make sure to send out your invites 3-4 weeks in advance and include details such as the time, date, and location of the party. For a unique touch, make your own Curious George party invitations. This can be a fun activity to get you and your child excited for your Curious George party! Here are some monkey invitation ideas for your upcoming Curious George party. Attach a card-style invitation to a personalized Curious George favor such as a bag tag or zipper pull. Take a photo of your child on a swing or in a tree. Use the picture as the front of your invite and write your Curious George party information on the back. Take a photo of you and your child making a funny face. Write “Monkey see. Monkey Do!” on the front of the card with the photo. Include the party information on the inside. Create monkey tails with long strips of brown felt threaded with elastic string. Include the tails with the invitations for your guests to wear at the party. Cut yellow construction paper into the shape of a banana and write “we’re going bananas” on the front. Or use yellow construction paper to cut out the shape of a yellow hat just like the one worn by the Man in the Yellow Hat. Think red and yellow when picking out your party decorations. Balloons and streamers are a great way to transform any space into a whimsical party room. For your table decorations, arrange a large banana leaf, bananas, and a Curious George stuffed animal at the center of each table. Other Curious George birthday supplies to include are yellow Curious George party hats, confetti, noise makers, and monkey themed napkins, plates, and cups. Think bananas when planning your party menu. Some great ideas are peanut butter and banana sandwiches, banana pancakes, banana bread, fresh fruit salad, banana chips, and trail mix. You can also draw inspiration from the Curious George story by serving zoo-themed snacks as well. Things like peanuts, pretzels, and cotton candy are all kid friendly and delicious. Those are some tips about Curious George party, hopefully its useful.