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Decorating ideas for 50th birthday party

If you are planning a Decorating ideas for 50th birthday party surprise for your dad, be prepared for a bit ‘of work and a lot of fun! One of the most popular ideas of the 50th birthday is take one with a ’70s theme Although a 50 year old was born in 1961, were in high school in 1970 and tend to identify the most at that time. It will be a journey into the past from memory for the person’s birthday and all the guests, too. When you invite friends to your father, tell everyone to dress in the style of the 1970s If they can not remember what kind of crazy clothes people wore at the time, give suggestions as: bell bottoms, hot pants, polyester nothing, environmentalists flared hip fake fur, boots and platform shoes. Open men wore the shirt to leave the buttons undone. headbands, tie-dyed T-shirt, Levi, a lot of love beads, round glasses and colorful earrings were also popular. A thrift shop is a great place to shop for these things.

Make a collage of photos of your dad gather friends and family. Draw a timeline from childhood to now starting room at the bottom so that customers can write their fun memories of him. In the invitation, ask people to speak at the Decorating ideas for 50th birthday party of your father. Tell them to bring their best ideas for articles the party. This way everyone can learn more about your father 50 years, and can make great fun. It ‘like a “roast” in the sense that it is in good fun.Play live music from the 70s to your 50th birthday party. Ideas such as “Born to Run”, “Brick House,” “YMCA”, “Disco Inferno”, “Last Dance” and “Play That Funky Music” is a good choice. Distributed disposable cameras to customers so that you will have good memories of the holiday.

Decorating ideas for 50th birthday party movement balloons and streamers to a theme “over the hill”. Be sure to consider how his father 50 years, feels on this milestone birthday; some people are too sensitive, so keep that in mind. You can get one on the party hat Hill if you think that is appropriate. Ideas for snacks are chips and dip, raw vegetables, cheese and crackers, appetizers, tapas, drinks, retro candy, and birthday cake. It ‘best to keep simple 50th birthday party; in this way you can focus on the fun. If you do this a memorable occasion for all, you did a great job!