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Decorations for a sweet 16 party ideas

If you are going to throw a sweet 16 birthday party conventional, these ideas might come in handy. Decorations for a sweet 16 party ideas are geared mainly towards medium and large parties. Because a formal party so great for a sweet 16, you may ask? Well official parties are directed to the port of great clothes, great dinner, prepared live for a couple of hours, and just having a lot of fun!

Dress codes for all should be formal. This means that the girls get to wear beautiful clothes, and boys must be classy in their penguin suits. During Decorations for a sweet 16 party, there is usually a large entrance. This is where the birthday girl makes an appearance as strong or Royal after her guests expect. Some parties had the birthday girl to go on stage on the red carpet, the other party through a dance that was choreographed. Whichever way you choose, make sure it is definitely fantastic!

* The Decorations for a sweet 16 party generally look more elegant. Many flowers, a color matching system balloons and banners, and the plates bargain not recyclable!
* You can have a small buffet table with hordervs for guests to snack on as they mingle with the small plates on the side. A big bowl of punch is also a great idea.
* Hire a caterer it makes life much easier if you have in your budget. They also have servers that can be rented banquet facilities.
* A group of musicians would be nice if you plan to dance. If you can find a place with a stage, it would be fantastic. A DJ is also a good idea if you do not want a live band to perform.
* You can hire a limousine to take the birthday girl and some of his best friends to make things even more exciting.
* You can leave one or two disposable cameras on each table for guests to take pictures. This will ensure you do not miss a photographic moment of this celebration.
* You can also buy fondue fountains. They give a very elegant look, and you will have tons of delicious chocolate flowing. Strawberries and other fresh fruits are great with chocolate fondue.