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Fishing Birthday Party Theme Decorations

If your little guy is showing glimmers of being an outdoorsman, he’ll love the idea of a fishing birthday party theme. There are so many delightful ways to use party decorations for a celebration with sandwiches that look like fish, cake that looks like a boat and cupcakes that look like bait just add water and you’ve got a party. Fishing birthday party is a great theme and it works weather you actually live by lake or not. If you host this party at your house you can set up fun stations where kids pretend to catch fish from bucket using sticks and magnets or of you are lucky enough to be able to bring kids out to lake you can have them catch the real deal. A fishing birthday party is the ideal theme for a fishing enthusiast. This men’s-only event provides a chance for the fisherman in your life to enjoy time completing his favorite hobby while celebrating another year of his life. The appropriate venue, food, decorations and activities help set this birthday party apart from all of the others.

Here are some tips to host fishing birthday party. First is about invitation, you purchase online or make your own. Make small fishing poles out of 12″ dowels by tying string onto one end and attaching a paperclip or clothespin to the other end. Clip your invitation to the paperclip or clothespin. Cut fish shapes from cardstock and decorate with paint or markers. Make message in a bottle invitations using clean / clear water bottles. Place a little sand and a few shells in the bottle and then roll up your invitation and place it inside. Decorate the outside with paint or permanent markers. Or buy pre-made invitations and include the vital information. To make it more personal, make your own invitations by using an image of a man fishing. Add embellishments from a local scrapbook store, such as 3D fishing rods, fish, water features, boats and seashells. For decorations, decorate the walls with fishing nets, rods, reels, and tackle boxes. Cover the tables with blue tablecloths – cut a wave pattern (scalloped edge) at the bottom of the tablecloths if you are using cheap plastic or paper tablecloths, layer different colors of blue to look like waves. Centerpieces full of red and white floaters make a charming focal point. Other suitable decorations include small decorative boats, nets, fishing oars, fake fish, sand and seashells. Include picture of the guest of honor holding his latest and largest fish. Blue and green balloons correspond with the colors of the water and a wave-shaped tablecloth furthers the theme. A fish fry provides the ideal menu for a men’s fishing party. Include items such as fish, hush puppies, shrimp, clams, French fries, potato salad and scallops. Have some fish ready ahead of time, but also let the fishermen enjoy their spoils. Include side items and dips such as tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, onion and lemon. A fish themed birthday cake serves as a suitable dessert.