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Garden Themed Baby Shower Ideas

A garden party is perfect for a spring baby shower when all of the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Spring is all about new beginnings, which makes it the perfect theme for a baby shower. A garden themed baby shower should incorporate all aspects of the season with soft pastel colors, fresh flowers, potted plants and butterflies. From the location to the cake, there are so many ways you can utilize this theme to create a memorable. Spring showers bring mommy-to-be flowers. Shower your special mommy-to-be and guests with a garden themed event full of bright, Spring-time floral and delicious garden fresh faire. Spring showers bring mommy-to-be flowers! Shower your special mommy-to-be and guests with a garden themed event full of bright, Spring-time floral and delicious garden-fresh faire.

Here are some tips about garden theme baby shower. The first starts from the invitation, send out your baby shower invitations six to eight weeks before the party. You want to pick an invitation design that reflects your theme, so incorporate two to three pastel colors in your design. You can also tie the spring theme into your invitation wording by saying, “You’re Invited to a Spring Baby Shower in Honor of (expectant mother’s name)”. Host the party in a backyard, at a local park or at a restaurant with an outdoor patio. A garden makes the perfect backdrop for a spring baby shower because it provides natural décor that compliments the party theme. It wouldn’t be right to have a garden-theme party without an abundance of beautiful flowers. Colorful flowers, potted plants, butterflies and dragonflies are the perfect addition to your party décor. Display lots of flower bouquets throughout your party space to create a garden oasis. Include seasonal flowers like daisies, lilies and daffodils. Make butterfly and dragonfly place card holders to display at each place setting. Tiki torches or paper lanterns are also a great addition to add ambiance to the party. Write the guests’ names on small terra cotta pots filled with blossoming pansies or petunias to make a charming place setting that also adds some color to the space. Place bouquets of brilliantly colored flowers on the dining table, coffee tables, countertops and other surfaces. Decorate the guests, too, by letting the guests wear corsages of fresh flowers. Decorate the tables in soft colors and floral prints. Adorn the table in a tablecloth in a pastel, such as a subtle white-and-yellow damask or a pale blue checkered pattern that lets the flowers receive attention while decorating the table in a charming way. Stick to simple white dishware and crisp white napkins. As drinking glasses, canning jars make rustic country beverage containers. Slide a fresh strawberry or citrus slice into the jar to add more color to the drinks. Decorative lighting brightens the space and can add an exciting element. Hang paper lanterns of different shapes and colors, from ornate red-and-gold stars to yellow spheres, around the venue to add both light and color to the space. Spread an assortment of candles in various shapes and sizes over the tables or on other places, such as a fireplace or mantle. The variety of candles will have a charming, eclectic look, while giving off a warm glow.