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Great Transformer Birthday Party Decorations

Many boys are fascinated with robots. Robots are all about awesome weapons, epic battles, and lean mean cool-looking machines. Among the many robot and mecha series made over the years, one of the most iconic has to be Transformers. The original toy line, along with the TV series and the movies, made the franchise phenomenally successful. The epic battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons are still watched by young and old alike. Transformer birthday party will be very good idea to celebrate a boy’s birthday. If you’re happen to own a son that about to become older in the coming weeks, then transformer is one of the best party theme that you can pick. Transformer is the story of good robots that able to transform into car. They’re called as autobots and currently in a war with the evil side that known as decepticons. You can use this main storyline as your transformer birthday party ideas. Transformers may be robots in disguise, but you can’t really disguise these great Transformers birthday party supplies for a boy’s theme party. These awesome party products feature your favorite Transformer Autobots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee battling the Decepticons, Shockwave and Megatron. Celebrate a birthday or a Transformer movie night with Transformers party supplies.

Here are some tips to create Transformer birthday party. Transformer birthday party ideas is always need good invitation. You can make Transformers birthday party invitations in Autobot logo shape. To do this, download and print an image of Autobot logo off the internet. Outline the image on cardboard. Once you cut out the logo shape out of cardboard, it becomes your template. Draw its outlines on red card stock paper. Cut the shapes out, and then use a ruler to draw lines on the front using the original Autobot logo image as a guide. Then, write your party information in black ink on the back side. (Use Transformers type font style.) You can start with “Fellow Autobot: Join Me, (child’s name), and our leader Optimus Prime in Epic battle against vicious Decepticons on the battle grounds at (Address) at (Time).” Then continue with the rest of party information. As a variation, glue images of Transformers on the front of regular white invitation cards. After you finish writing party details, put the invites inside envelopes along with Transformer stickers. For Transformers birthday party decorations, you can purchase or create character standees to greet the guests near the front entrance. Play Transformers theme music. Get several glow-in-the-dark lanterns or necklaces from a store. Place them in darker areas around the house. Enlarge Autobot and Decepticon logos, and mount them high off the ground for everyone to see. Create a banner that says “More Then Meets the Eye.” Hang theme posters on the wall. Spread out transformer toys on the floor. Hang balloons and streamers in red, yellow, and blue colors. Cover the table with a bright colored cloth (yellow is best). Laminate pictures of Autobots and Decepticons, and use them for placemats at each setting. Create a “Happy Birthday” banner using transformers style font.