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Great Truck Themed Birthday Party

The fact that little toy cars have proven to be popular for over 50 years attests to the facts that young boys, and even girls, love cars. Not surprisingly, one of the most popular types of vehicles is the monster truck, and one of the most popular events and television shows among the younger audience, is Monster Jam. Monster Jam is a television show and event that features the racing and free styling of the monster trucks in an arena setting. Most boys love Monster Jam show, so having a truck themed birthday party would be a great idea. They crush cars, hit jumps and do some pretty incredible things. You can expect that at some point, you may have one of your children ask for a Monster Truck themed birthday party, and you need to find a way to provide that to them.

You can print your monster truck birthday invitations on red card stock and use truck clip art. Add race theme stickers and your own drawings. The wording for your invitations can say “Let’s get it in gear to celebrate (your child’s name) the year! You are invited to his (her) Monster Truck Birthday Party. As a variation, make your invitations in a shape of a monster truck. Simply outline a picture of a truck onto the invitation cards. Get help from your child in coloring the invitations. Don’t go with normal invitations when you send them out, make them monster sized, and if you can, have them in the shape of a monster truck. You can also use the invitations that come with some of Monster Truck Birthday Party Packs. The invitations need to invite the children to a big Monster Truck Event on whatever day the birthday party falls on. Make sure to spice it up and make the kids feel like a big event is coming. Paint roads onto a vinyl tablecloth for the party table. Use plastic plates and silverware in yellow and black. Next to each child’s plate set a small plastic dump truck. Fill the truck with candy, small plastic tools and little treats. Present the children with hard hats as they arrive either inexpensive party versions or foam versions available at craft stores. Use yellow caution tape or black and yellow crepe paper streamers as party garlands. Hang a large sign that says “Caution: Work Zone” on your front door to welcome the guests. Tie the strings of helium-filled balloons to small construction vehicles and put them around the room and on the table. Choose foods most children like such as sandwiches, chips or crackers and fruit. Use large toy construction trucks or plastic hard hats as serving platters. You can even use a little dump truck to hold dip. Use plastic toy shovels for serving spoons. Make a simple construction cake using your favorite cake recipe. Make a two-layer cake or sheet cake and frost it with brown or white icing. Crush chocolate sandwich-style cookies. Place them in a plastic bag, seal and tap lightly with a hammer or roll over the cookies with a rolling pin. Sprinkle the crumbs liberally on top of the cake so it appears to be dirt. Place a toy construction vehicle on top of the dirt, placing more crumbs on it so it looks like it is scooping up the dirt.