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How to make birthday party decorations For Your Best party

If you are planning How to make birthday party decorations theme birthday party for a fan of the game, it might be a bit ‘Call of Duty party ideas. This article is full of tips on how to create a guard called birthday party, even with limited Call of Duty of party supplies.


To send the message to your guests, you want some invitations. You will find a personalized service Call of style invitations ranging from tickets, VIP, photo style invites eBay. Also keep in mind that most of the sellers to customize the invitations with a special message, the child’s name and age and other important details, just make a request.

Another option for you to make money is to make your invitations with some pieces, such as paper, images of characters or a pattern printed style army. To find How to make birthday party decorations models do a quick search on Google.

Birthday Cake Decoration

For this type of theme to use a cake topper army kit to decorate your cake. Another option is to use the puppets of COD as a form of cake or little green army men that many of us played as children.

There are edible cake images you can use to eBay also. You will find a wide range of scenes from the game Call of Duty logo, everything that you can customize the seller with a birthday message of your choice. Edible cake images are very easy to apply to a cake and this is actually one of the best options for decorating a cake at home.

Party Decorations

To your thinking How to make birthday party decorations that incorporate the colors of your theme. The colors such as green, black and camouflage army work well. You can buy streamers, balloons and confetti in the colors and sketches around your party room full effect.

Consider mixing in some military supplies themed birthday as part of your decorations. There are tanks shaped balloons, birthday banners and wall stickers featuring camouflage military helicopters, tanks and soldiers that you can choose from a local party store or from an online source.