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Incredible Hulk Birthday Party Ideas

The green-skinned Incredible Hulk first appeared in comic books in 1962, and over the years, he’s starred in a successful television series and, more recently, two movies. The live-action movies brought a renewed interest in the super-strong anti-hero Hulk, which means more young boys are asking for Hulk-themed birthday parties. Stan Lee created the Hulk for Marvel Comics, featuring mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner who transformed into the angry superhero. Incredible Hulk is a green, comic book superhero that many young children love. It may not come as any surprise when your child wants to have an Incredible Hulk-themed birthday party. From green decorations to exciting games, a Hulk party is an incredible theme your child will remember for years to come. A birthday party for a boy who is a Hulk fan can be both incredible and smashing.

Internet sites offer free, printable templates for Hulk party invitations and party favors. For a more handmade feel, use green construction paper with green and black magic markers to create similar effects on your own. For party favors, visit a dollar store, buy green gift bags, and then fill them with things such as coloring books, crayons, green markers and any fun green items that catch your eye. It goes without saying that green is the best color to use for Incredible Hulk party decorations. Use as many balloons and streamers in that color as you can. Play soundtrack from the film. Hang enlarged movie posters and pictures of Incredible Hulk characters on the wall. Spread out test tubes, beakers, DNA molecule structures, microscope cell images, and other science related items. Enlarge Hulk comic strips and fill the empty space with them. Cover the table with a green cloth material. Print and laminate pictures of Hulk. Use them for placemats at each setting. Create and mount “Welcome to Incredible Hulk Birthday Party” banner in the area. Serve “Hulk” wraps, pizza, snacks and drinks to all party guests. For the “Hulk” wraps, create a table with tortillas and toppings such as peanut butter, sandwich meat, cheese, raisins, peanut butter, fruit and granola pieces. Let each child create his own “Hulk” wrap. Make green gelatin for dessert and green punch for drinks. For the green punch, serve a lemon-lime soda over lime sherbet. When guests arrive, have a face-painting booth where guests can get their face painted like the Hulk. Or they can wear a design, like a small test tube or Hulk superhero sign. Give each guest a party favor, such as a sticker sheet, small plastic Hulk toy or an Incredible Hulk mask. Good luck.