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Kids Birthday Invitation Ideas

Planning a child’s birthday party goes beyond the kids birthday party invitations design using happy birthday clipart or pictures. The truth is that a lot of hard work goes into planning your child’s special day, and it’s important that you plan the day properly. Whether you’re inviting just a few kids or the whole class to your child’s next birthday party, creative invitations are a fun way to make your child’s party special from the moment your guests first hear about it. For a child birthday party invitation, remember to include the basic information. The name of the birthday child, the age, the date and time of the party, and what, if anything, each guest should bring. Every year is a chance to explore your child’s interests. For boys, they might choose invitations that feature sports, bike racing, super heroes, animals, dinosaurs, magic or insects and critters. Girls invitation theme favorites include princess, mermaids, sleep overs, cupcakes, lady bugs, gymnastics and cowgirls.

The birthday card is something that will be more special for you than for your little one, as most babies don’t really understand the function of the birthday card. You, however, will want to keep the birthday card in your little one’s scrap book, so it’s important that you make the card as cute as possible. One great idea for a birthday card is to use a photo of your little one. You can use any computer program to help you do this, though Publisher works best. Put a picture of your child in the card, make a nice frame around it, and at the bottom of the picture put a text box with an opaque fill. You can then write text on the card, and you will be able to read the text while still being able to see the adorable picture of your little one. This is a creative card idea, but it will be fairly easy to do. Making your own birthday invitations is a challenge, especially if you aren’t as good at using computers as you might want. You can easily make an invitation using Microsoft Publisher, as the program comes with a host of templates and card ideas that you can use to help be the guide for your card. Coming up with the creative invitation idea is where the real challenge is, so it’s important to consider carefully when thinking of what to do for the birthday invitation. It’s important that the recipients of the invitations know what to expect from the party, so you need to lay out the information as clearly as possible. Make sure the guests know who the party is for, what time it’s at, what the location is, what day it will be, and all the rest. If you are going to be making birthday invitations, it’s important that you get thicker paper. Printing the invitations out on regular printer paper may be cheaper, but it won’t look as good when the recipient receives them. It’s best to use this thicker paper, as it makes the invitations look more professional.