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Ladybug Baby Shower Theme For Your Baby Girl

A ladybug baby shower is a great shower theme for the mom-to-be who knows she’s having a baby girl, especially in the spring and summer months. A ladybug baby shower theme is also a nice option for the expectant mom who isn’t a huge fan of the color pink, which is often the color most associated with girl baby showers. If you are planning on holding a baby shower for the summer season, a ladybug baby shower is one of the most popular themes mostly because it coincides with the summer season. Not only will you have no problems with the setting this theme can be perfectly executed as an outdoor lunch-out with close friends and family. Obviously, you can still use this theme even if it’s not summer as many nursery themes are based on a ladybug theme and would be used all year round. Either way, this theme would be perfect as a memorable celebration for welcoming a baby girl into the new family.

When you choose a ladybug theme, you can either go with making the theme colors reminiscent of ladybugs bright red and pastel colors, which can reflect the flowers on which you can find a ladybug on. If you will take on these colors, try finding shades of pastel pinks and greens and a bright red as the central color. Make sure that when you start buying your supplies, make the red ones should serve as accents on the table. This means that the bigger designs, including the main colors of the cake, the plates, and the glasses can be red or of this shade. The other colors can serve as your table cloth, your overall decorations, utensils, and such. Since pastel colors are more muted than right red or even black, these will make for a perfect backdrop or table cloth setting. As an overall theme, make sure that you stick to just a three colors two muted tones and one that stands out. In addition, when you pick a ladybug baby shower theme, don’t forget that you can also give your party a garden theme, so flowers as part of decorations can be done. Because the ladybug baby shower idea has been a hit, you can easily find party invitations and other paraphernalia that is exclusively for those who want to use this theme. Just surf through some websites online and you will surely stumble upon ladybug-personalized invitations. Customize your digital invitation, send it to all of your guests and easily keep track of RSVPs. You can also communicate with guests leading up to the event and include helpful details for your guests such as a gift registry and map to the venue. But if you want to utilize your creativity or if you know someone who is willing to do handmade invitations to set your baby shower apart from the rest, one unique thing to do is to try out an origami invitation. Fill mason jars with red and white Gerber daisies to create simple and charming centerpieces. Finish the look with a grosgrain ribbon tied around the jar. You can put one jar on each table and add a row of these centerpieces to the dessert table to complete the look.