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LEGO Birthday Party Invitations Design Ideas

LEGO makes a very good kids birthday party theme because of its universal appeal to boys and girls. LEGO theme birthday parties are experiencing an increased interest in recent years. LEGO toys are more popular than ever, particularly with boys, but many girls also enjoy building with LEGOs. Let your guests know that the party is a LEGO theme party with party invitation cards. Make your own LEGO invitation cards or use commercial party cards sold by the LEGO company. Their LEGO birthday party kit comes with 10 invitations, thank you cards, LEGO name cards, special minifigures, official LEGO builder cards, and more. The birthday party kit is usually priced around $40-$50, so it comes out to about $4-$5 per guest. With this kit each kid will have something to take home from the party as well. If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

LEGO consistently sells different theme sets. Many kids are more interested in a specific LEGO theme. Some kids even attempt to collect every set from one of the themes. Select a specific LEGO theme for the party or open the party up to all LEGO themes. Here are some tips to make or choose a LEGO invitation. Create an invitation from real lego pieces in the theme for your birthday party. Grab a pirate mini piece for a pirate party or the space astronaut for an outer space and aliens themed birthday party. This could get quite pricey if you have are expecting a high number of guests. Create an invitation on your computer word processing program with lego clipart. The text can be created using this lego wording font called “Lego Thick” You can download it for free, install the font and use it for personal use only. Build up a lego scene and place it in an area where there is heaps of natural light (close to a window or under the balcony on a nice sunny day) Take a photo of your lego scene. Upload your pic to your computer and create an invitation in MS Word or similar, inserting the photo into the invitation. If you can make a couple of signs in your scene then perhaps you can add the party info text and layer it on top of the sign. Go to a good will store and buy up all the old lego pieces you can cheap. Build a wall of lego approximately 3″x4″ or bigger and hand write the party information directly onto the wall with a permanent marker. You could even break the wall apart before you send it, then the guests will have to put the pieces together again to read the message.