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Lifetime Fitness Birthday Party Reviews

A Lifetime Fitness birthday party is something that many people did not even realize is available. When most people think of Lifetime Fitness, they think of a gym where you can work out, swim, and take aerobic classes. However, there are a lot of other services offered by Lifetime Fitness, and hosting a birthday party is just one of them. If you think about all of the great things that Lifetime Fitness has to offer, it will be easy to see why any kid would love to have a birthday party there. Many people who choose to celebrate his birthday in place like a mall, a zoo or also in private homes. But with so many choices available now you can select it according to your wishes. Celebrating the birthday of the child in the fitness will create a unique impression and certainly not memorable for you and your child. Today many parents are choosing a gym as a place to celebrate their child’s birthday, you can also try it.

Many parents have questioned the cost of holding anniversary events at the gym. Depending on the party package and age range, the Lifetime Fitness birthday party packages that last up to two hours can range anywhere from $150 to $225 for 12 people. For every additional participant, it will cost an extra $15 to $25 per person. According to a forum member on Windsor Speak, they were quoted $250 for her 5-year-old daughters’ birthday party. This package included a bounce house, rock climbing, and two h0urs of gym time. Birthday parties are designed for 12 or more guests. Even if you have fewer people than that, you will still have to pay this minimum price. All parties will include two slices of pizza and a juice box for each child. Lifetime Fitness will break your party down by age, either 1-4 year olds or 4 and up. Children who are under the age of four can have a one and a half hour party that consists of 45 minutes in the gym and another 45 minutes in a party room. The 4 and up age group can choose from parties that last anywhere from two to three hours. The type of party package available is determined by the age of the birthday child, not necessarily the age of the guests. Children between the ages of four and 12 can choose from the following party packages. Splash Bash, this party package includes playtime at the pool for all the guests of the party. Depending on the location, this may mean access to a water park or just a simple swimming pool. The pool at Lifetime Fitness always has a life guard on duty. This swim time will include a few organized races and games as well as just free time. And many more packages here have fun.