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Lovely Baby Girl Baby Shower Themes

Host a baby showers for the mom-to-be that she’ll never forget. Explore these party ideas for every type of baby shower from adorable to sophisticate to whimsical. Party ideas include everything you need to throw a wonderful shower for the glowing mom-to-be, such as menu plans, party favors, games, and more. Whether you plan to host the baby shower at your home, or at a venue, you’ll find shower ideas to make the event perfect for the expectant mom and her guests. This article will discuss about baby girl shower themes. Nothing makes a party more festive than a theme, and baby showers are no exception. Whether you opt for slick or home-made, classic or cute, grab some matching invitations, napkins, plates and decorations, and you’re all set.

Girls are lucky because they can get away with any color in the rainbow. Try convincing anyone the same is true of a baby boy: pink or purple just isn’t done. Of course pink is the supreme girl’s color so if you choose to embrace it really go all out. The fashion trends of late lend themselves to bold, bright and downright neon colors. This is in your favor. You can find just about anything in neon pink right now. All your plastic ware, plates and napkins will sing ‘baby girl on the way”. Add splashes of color to throw pillows, center pieces, the buffet tables and even the walls. You can do this easily by adding flowers, wrapping the throw pillows you already have in a baby girl shower themed appropriate colors or by filling clear glass containers with tissue paper or metallic pink ribbons. Get creative and color it up. You don’t have to spend a ton on gifts and décor or settle for a run of the mill plastic table cover from the dollar store. Fabric is your new best friend and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can find inexpensive fabric to fit any theme, no matter how specific. The touch of actual textiles will transform your party’s appearance from run of the mill to runway worthy. Get to the fabric store and storm the clearance bolts. You will come away with loads of pink and otherwise adorable girly fabrics in any texture and shade imaginable. Use your linen bounty to make inexpensive, but eye catching pink table runners, transform a humble recliner into the pink princess throne fit for a mom to be. Cut out place mats, or precut a couple large squares of pink fleece and have the group pitch in to make a hand tied, no sew baby blanket on the spot. The really important factor in taking your baby girl shower themes over the top is to tie it into every aspect of the shower itself. If you choose to go with a princess theme, the invitations should scream royalty, the food needs to be fussy and delicate, and the décor needs to be glamorously bejeweled and rich feeling. Whatever theme you choose, remember that it’s meant to be a fun component of the day. Good luck.