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Luxury Wedding Invitations Is The Right Choice

Wedding Invitations are a really integral communication between you and your guests. While you are planning Your wedding, unique wedding invitation ideas has is a vital aspect. You must notify the details of the marriage to the people. This is an invitation to understand the important details about the wedding. Variations on the invite has been witnessed in the trendy designs, shapes and sizes.You can go for the luxury and design a more formal or more casual and relaxed. You are responsible for the creation of your special luxury wedding invitations, and there are some basic points to take into consideration. Many couples use their wedding invitation to advise guests of a special theme. The form, colour and style you choose should reflect your personality, complement your overall theme, and illustrate the importance that you give to your wedding day.

Here are some things you should consider in designing an invitation to the concept of luxury. You need to be able to give your chosen stationer a starting idea of what you are looking for. Search magazines and the internet for invitation designs you like, that work with your agreed wedding style and start collating an inspiration file. And know the colours that are likely to feature strongly on the day. For instance, ivory, white or cream card, with a black, silver or gold font is an elegant, classic choice whereas a vibrantly coloured, unusually shaped card with metallic font might work for a more bohemian or ultra-modern wedding. A good stationer will be able to work with you to turn these thoughts into a glorious reality. Traditionally your invitation card would be rectangular in shape and fly folded, although these days many couples are breaking with tradition and are opting for single cards, often in a variety of shapes and sizes. So whilst nowadays more or less anything goes you are only really limited by your imagination and the capabilities of your stationer. One thing to remember though, if you do pick an unusual design, is that moving away from a standard envelope size will mean additional costs both for the bespoke envelopes and the possible increase in postage. The price per invite varies widely. It totally depends on design, paper quality, colour, ink, typeface and printing process required. Expect to pay far more for the finest paper and printing techniques (such as engraving). An unusual shaped card will also add to your costs. So research your options widely and discuss them in depth with your stationer. When it comes to the number of invitations you should get printed, always, always order more than you need. You never know when you might make a mistake addressing a card, or you might need to send out extra invites at the last minute, or you simply might want to keep some as a keepsake if you order more at the start, you will save on costs. It is expensive to go back and re-order.