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Mad hatter tea party decoration ideas

tea parties are always a fun way to be together, but a Mad hatter tea party decoration ideas is a different kind of fun. How to create a memorable end of summer fun for kids.

Absurd and stupid are the objectives of that party. All tea etiquette and refinement of some of the traditional tea go out the window, or should I say go through the mirror?

If you remember, in Alice in Wonderland, Rabbit March meeting with Alice as he is late for a tea party. The beginning of chapter 7 of the story, Alice is in a long table, set the number for the tea. Everyone is busy at one end of the table. This, of course, is the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

The Mad hatter tea party decoration ideas has been condemned by the Heart Queen to ‘kill time “, with his song. As the story goes, all watches and clocks say tea time, all the time. Alice is suddenly treated with riddles have no answers stupid and nonsense poems.

This has all the makings of a fun event and a way to get kids to explore their creative side.

Let’s start with the invitations. Want hats to be the theme? Or maybe the theme is Wonderland and all the characters? Take the time to do the invitations handmade. Create your silly rhymes to go with the theme. If you want others to dress, make people aware that the invitation. Ask them to wear a hat outrageous. Or better yet, tell them to have a session scheduled mad Hatter hat making.

To create the excitement and anticipation of the event, deliver invitations costume!

Once you have your theme and are invitations, it’s time to plan the decorations tea party. Mad hatter tea party decoration ideas is all non-compliance, so enjoy and mix and match your dishes, glasses and cutlery. Use different chairs too! Tablecloths in pastel colors and teapots with flowers form a perfect board for this case. Some paper lanterns or playing cards are great decorating ideas to consider as well.

Consider creating a mirror all walk through to enter the party in Wonderland. Finding a place for the Cheshire Cat, or at least smile to appear. And do not forget Loir, who would be happy to be placed in a teapot on the table.