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Monkey Themed Baby Shower Decorations

If you are looking for a cute theme for a baby shower, go bananas and make it a monkey themed baby shower. A monkey baby shower works for either a baby boy or girl and there are so many possibilities when it comes to monkey decorations, favors, cakes, etc. Baby showers featuring a monkey theme have also been popular with would-be moms, mainly because you can be very creative in throwing these kinds of parties. You’d think that this theme would be very restricting since it would be focusing on just one animal, but from the baby shower invitations to the decorations, you can go wild and unique with ideas. For example, instead of opting for the usual written or stationery like invitations, why not make a banana-shaped invite for a change? Or you can make a monkey-head cut-out to make it more interesting for your guests. As for the baby shower decorations, you can go for little monkey banners or paper bananas hanging on clotheslines or thin ropes along the walls. Another tip for those who are on the budget bananas make the best centerpieces for monkey themed baby showers, and it can also make a light snack for those who can’t wait for lunch.

Here are some great tips and ideas for how to plan a monkey themed baby shower. Yellow, brown, and white are all perfect colors for monkey baby showers. If you are having a boy, you can also use the color blue or if you are having a girl you can add pink to the color scheme of your party. Or if the sex of your baby is going to be a surprise, the color green also fits well into this theme. For the perfect monkey baby shower decorations, hang balloons and streamers around the main room where the party will be held. You can hang monkey cut-outs from green crepe paper on the ceiling to make it look like they’re swinging in the jungle. Make a monkey themed diaper cake to use as the table centerpiece. First, create monkey faces out of construction paper and Popsicle sticks and stick them into a rolled up diapers. Surround each diaper with a piece of green construction paper and decorate it with ribbon or other items. These make great monkey shower centerpieces. Since it’s a monkey baby shower, food also has to match the theme. There are many recipes you can try that are very tasty like crisp riced cookies monkey shaped or the popular banana split which is also easy to make and very good looking on the table. All you need is some ice cream, chocolate sauce, bananas and whipped cream. Dried bananas, yellow banana heads lollies, sugar bananas, or banana flavored jelly beans in a bowl will fit nicely to this theme as well. Make the food more attractive with Monkey themed labels. Serve and label some ‘jungle vines’ red licorice, ‘banana balls’ yellow lollies, ‘king kong’ burgers, and so on. Don’t forget about the cake which also has to match the theme. You can use chocolate mud or caramel butter cream for filling and green or blue fondant for decorating and shaping. Here’s is one time where you can go crazy with colors. Cakes can be decorated in so many ways, but keep in mind they also have to fit in the whole story.