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Planning A First Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

First birthday parties are tricky. Since they’re as much for the adults as for the baby, parents want to throw a memorable celebration that the birthday child can enjoy while marking the occasion with friends and family. This article will discuss about first birthday party ideas for girls. A girls 1st birthday is an important event that needs planning. After all, your baby girl only turns one once. Whether you’re a first time host or have been throwing parties for years, one of the most important things to remember is to focus on your party theme. Emphasize your party theme at every turn in the party planning process to help your party appear well planned and consistent in the eyes of your guests. When you choose a theme for your girls first birthday, the theme will help you to coordinate all of the decorations and party supplies for the big event. Once you have a theme picked out for your girls first birthday party, you can start planning the rest of the important aspects of the party like the cake, decorations, and food.

Here are some popular girls 1st birthday theme ideas. Princess, dress your little princess in a very special birthday dress that looks like a princess gown in a pink or purple color. Also, while she may be too young to rock a tiara, a silver embellished elastic headband or barettes will add to the overall look. Butterflies are a great theme for a 1st birthday. Incorporate butterflies into the decor, party supplies, and the cake. The magical colors of the butterflies give you lots of freedom to create an inspired color palette for the party using balloons. Use a red, white and black color scheme to easily introduce the lady bug theme to guests. Themed party supplies combined with a beautiful ladybug cake will solidify the theme for guests. And last is Mother Goose, Remember those nursery rhymes that you read to your little one? They make wonderful inspiration for party themes. Choose one and run with it or incorporate several of your favorites into the party theme. You can use the characters and rhymes on the invitation, in the supplies, and to come up with some party games. In most situations, your home is the optimal location for your baby’s first birthday party. However, if your house or apartment is too small to host guests, consider other locations: Your neighborhood community center, apartment complex club house or church hall. If your child is comfortable in noisy, busy spots, the children’s museum or a child themed restaurant are terrific options. Drinks will spill, accidents will happen and kids will cry, but you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Relax and enjoy yourself with your baby and your guests. Birthday parties are meant to be fun and sometimes we get too caught up in all the details. Put on some music, break out the bubbles and just have some fun with your wee one. Your one-year-old will be a teenager before you know it.