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Power Ranger Birthday Party Decorations

When the Power Rangers were introduced to children’s television in the 1990s, the super heroes quickly became popular with kids. Power Ranger shows always featured both male and female heroes, attracting viewers of both genders and making them a good choice for a birthday party theme with broad appeal. Host a Power Ranger birthday party by using licensed party merchandise or by creating party decor with the Power Rangers theme. Power Ranger birthday party is a fun and colorful party spread for the little boy or girl that loves the Power Rangers. Keep an eye out for the unique ways they turned the desserts into power ranger themed treats, adorable. Power rangers birthday party is one will make not only the little boys can’t wait to come but also the little girls. Power rangers are good in distributing the power well; because heroes are not only male but surely also female. If those heroes come in a good color of blue, green, red, black and white little boys love, and of course pink and yellow the little girls love, surely they are the most well-dressing heroes ever.

Make your Power Ranger party invitations using regular white invitation cards. Download a picture of Power Rangers and print it on the front. Decorate the cards with theme stickers, and then write your party details inside. Provide some information as to what the kids will be doing and include one or two menu items. As a variation, you can get Power Rangers activity book and have your child color the pages. Next, take pages out, fold them in half and you have invitation cards. Write Power Ranger birthday party details in blank space. Place the invitations in envelopes and mail to the guests. There must be one ranger your kid like the most. Let him dressed like the ranger, and state in the invitation that kids should be wearing other ranger colors than him. This little power ranger is the one and only at the birthday party and surely he is the hero. Use as much red, blue, green, yellow, and pink for your Power Rangers birthday party decorations as you can. Take a picture of your child wearing a Power Ranger mask (or full costume). Then enlarge the picture and mount it on the fence to mark your Power Rangers party spot. Play theme music in the background. As a variation, you can have dinosaur footprints leading to the front entrance to let the kids know that the diabolic Tyrannodrones have been unleashed! Place a sign or banner over your front door that reads “Welcome to (your child’s name) Power Ranger Birthday Party!”. Attach colorful steamers to a light fixture in the center of the party room to add to the festive environment. Multicolor streamers can easily be created by placing two different colored streamers back-to-back and twisting. Mount Power Ranger posters on the walls. Spread out theme items around the area.