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Real Cinderella Wedding Theme Decorations

If your favorite Disney movie as a child was Cinderella, now that you’ve found your prince charming, why not be a princess on your big day. Your wedding day is the perfect day to have a Cinderella theme; where else would you wear a puffy white dress and act like a princess all night long. Every little girl’s dream is to have a fairy tale wedding, and nothing says this better than Cinderella. If you want to have a Cinderella themed wedding, you should be planned all the items you need such as card-stock, lighting, glitter, small boxes decorated, wedding dress, decorate invitations, add-ons such as hair, make-up, wedding shoes, and Cinderella the ball in your marriage. Disco ball perfect choice to be used by you, to enhance the Cinderella ball. In the event that you can not find a disco ball for your Cinderella themed wedding, it is better for you to choose a beach ball-coated aluminum foil in all parts of the ball. Songs ballroom is also required by you to make a real Cinderella themed wedding. For add ons, it is possible to use the stunning bracelets, pendants, and rings.

As many wedding planners or bridal experts will tell you, the wedding dress sets the theme for the entire wedding. This is no exception when planning a Cinderella wedding. A ballgown is a must. Lots of flounce, bustle, and sparkle will make the dress fit for a princess. Rhinestones, crystals, beadwork, and sequins will make your dress stand out. If you find a dress that is perfect, but comes up short in the skirt, add a petticoat. Getting glass slippers may be difficult (not to mention, uncomfortable), but take advantage of the new clear styles of wedding shoes that will give the same effect. Have a wedding hairstyle that involves an updo, preferably with a bun or large curls. Add a crystal or rhinestone bridal tiara to complete your fairytale look. Of course, the groom’s attire is not to be ignored either. Choose a tuxedo with tails, in traditional black or white. Consider adding a braided gold accent around one of the sleeves to really make him stand out. Another important feature to take into consideration for Cinderella wedding ideas is location. Not all of us can get married at Disneyland or Disney World, although if you truly want the authentic Cinderella experience, this is a great place to hold your wedding. You can pull off a lavish ceremony in a large park, at a heritage hotel, or anywhere else for that matter. What really counts is how you feel when you look at potential venues. The next aspect of Cinderella wedding ideas is the decor. Decorating for a Cinderella theme wedding would ideally make the venue look like a fairytale castle. Any item mentioned in the Cinderella story makes an appropriate decoration. A paper pumpkin coach and glass slippers would make beautiful table topper. A red carpet leading up to a throne for the wedded couple is a lot of fun. With such a fun theme for your wedding, you are only limited by your imagination.