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Safari Baby Shower Theme Plan

Selection of baby shower themes has often been tricky, depending on who will be arranging the celebration. There are so many things to take note of and accomplish when it comes to the preparations. You would have to consider the baby shower decorations, the baby shower invitations, the guest list, thank you cards, supplies, games, and baby shower party favors, to name a few. This is because the occasion is not just to celebrate the coming of the baby but also to commemorate the joy of the woman’s transition to motherhood. Do away with the traditional blue or pink baby shower themes and go wild. Go jungle wild with a Safari themed baby shower. A safari theme baby shower is fun for a mom-to-be expecting a little boy or a gender neutral baby shower. Fun safari jungle baby shower theme will have your guests roaring with excitement over your new bundle of joy. This adorable, gender-neutral baby shower theme includes a whimsical giraffe, monkey, rhinoceros, lion, and tiger, all of whom are ready to help you plan a fantastic baby shower for either a boy or girl.

A safari theme for a baby shower is easy to organize because you will mostly need plush animal toys, animal-related food entrees, greenery, and centerpieces that are reminiscent of wildlife. In addition, you can set your party outdoors, like the garden, so you already have the backdrop of greenery around you. For a unique take on the jungle theme, you can opt to have a safari blue theme, which is similar to the jungle theme only you will put blue as a dominant color in your scheme. This mostly serves to make it obvious that this baby shower theme is for a baby boy. Put in centerpieces and other important baby shower supplies in blue so that these aspects will be accentuated. One of the first things you need to think about is invitations. If you’re going with a jungle theme, start out by including this shower theme in the invitations that you send out. This is a great way to introduce the theme you’ll be using to those who are going to attend. Consider making your own shower invitations with jungle theme clipart. Another idea is to find paper with a jungle theme, or even some stickers to give your invitations a jungle flavor. Next is about decorations, have fun with the jungle theme baby shower decorations, and if you need some ideas, here is a few to help you along. Green and brown yarn, ropes, and tulle, swag these all around the room, across the ceiling from wall to wall to give the appearance of the jungle canopy. O really adds to the jungle ambiance of the shower, have a hidden speaker somewhere that is constantly playing the sounds of the jungle. It may not be a decoration to look at, but it will do wonders for the theme. Monkeys, zebras, lions, tigers, giraffes, birds, snakes and so many more. These guys should be all around the room in a manner that you would find them in the jungle: birds flying or in trees, monkeys swinging on vines, and so on. What’s a party without food! Everyone who comes to a party comes for the food. Why not do something a little different and instead of the traditional cake or cupcakes, do a candy buffet. Find a variety of different clear containers like vases, jars or even wine glasses! Fill the containers with a variety of candy in a wide array of colors.