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Safari Themed Baby Shower : A lot of Fun!

A safari themed baby shower is very adaptable. You can use many jungle animals or just choose one such as a lion, monkey or giraffe. Jungle baby shower themes are geared more towards baby boys but there’s certainly no rule to that. You can adapt your jungle theme to suit a girl very easily by adding a little pink into the mix.
safari themed baby shower centerpieces
Decorations for safari themed baby shower is easy! Start with color. The colors in a jungle are obviously green and brown. You can use these colors for simple decorations like plain colored plates, napkins and silverware. This is often cheaper than purchasing themed paper products. Now what do you find in jungles? Trees, of course! Make lots and lots of trees out of green and brown paper. You can often find large rolls at your local craft supply store. Accentuate all of that jungle fever with stuffed jungle animals. You can pick these up at your dollar store or have each guest bring one as a gift to baby.

Get creative with jungle food! Google a recipe for monkey bread, make a fruity centerpiece complete with mangoes, bananas, coconut & pineapple. Animal crackers can be strategically placed on a buffet table. Concoct your own version of “Jungle Juice”. If you are going to be serving alcohol, why not make it long necks (a little giraffe humor there)?
You can play the usual baby shower games for entertainment or pop in the classic, Jungle Book and relax with your friends. Baby gets to keep it when you are done so buy a new copy. If you want to get really silly, purchase the game called “Jumping Monkeys” and make everyone take a turn. It’s in the board game section of big box stores.
Your guests really deserve a baby shower favor if you’ve made them play Jumping Monkeys. How about something in an animal print? A sleep mask, pocket photo album, pair of slippers or a candle perhaps? Bonus points if your male counterpart is someone who has already been through the experience of having a baby. Having a fellow man involved right from the start can help rally the guys and guide them on gift-buying suggestions when necessary. He can also serve as a sounding board throughout the planning process from choosing the invitations to devise the menu ensuring that nothing is too frilly or feminine.

You see, a jungle baby shower isn’t such a bad idea after all. It can be simple or creative. Go all out and have some fun with it!