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Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas : Spectacular!

Star wars fans can held their party here. You can get your own Star Wars birthday party ideas as your wish in this site. With so many new Star Wars movies on the horizon and Clone Wars available on Netflix, our children will be battling with lightsabers for a long long time. Since I’m both a big cheapskate and a big fan, I wanted to round up some of my favorite birthday party inspiration. Here’s my take on The Perfect Star Wars Birthday Party on a budget!

star wars birthday party ideas 6 year old
Step One: Choose a sub-theme. I’m not kidding. There are so many directions in which to steer your party. Examples below.
Step Two: Pick your activities. Truly any of the activities can be mixed and matched into the different themes. Give some thought to where your party will be and work from there. In your own house? In your backyard? At the park? Celebrate your constraints because they give you boundaries to what would otherwise be a limitless universe of choice.
Step Three: Tie in the decor and food. Once you’ve picked your theme and manageable activities, tie it all together with food and decor.
To eat:
Fruit lightsaber skewers are a healthy Star Wars birthday party treat. Wooden skewer + duct tape handle + Sharpie = adorable fruit sabers.
The classic Star Wars birthday party ideas are here. All the best characters from your own childhood, your mission is to destroy the Death Star piñata, your children will drink blue milk, and Yoda knows everything. Padawans can decorate lightsabers and learn sweet fighting moves.
To do:

Lightsaber creation and battles — My pal, Wendy, turned me on to the idea of turning pool noodles into lightsabers with a little duct tape and some SUPER STRONG scissors. For best results (and cheapest execution) cut them all the way in half. Let kids bash each other’s heads with the weapons or work together to keep a balloon off the ground. OUTDOOR. These are the Droids you’re looking for! Build-your-own robots with cardboard boxes and lots of tape.
Other stuff: For plates and napkins, I strongly suggest buying a solid color to match with the rest of your decor. Sure, I’m lucky to have all boys, but I also find my ample collection of blue napkins works for Father’s Day and Hannukah. You could also pick up just a few thematic plates to serve the dessert.

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