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Super Why Birthday Party Theme Decorations

Super Why! is a show that is geared for kids between the ages of three and six. It is about a group of friends who learn about books, reading and fairy tale characters, all of whom inhabit the world of Super Why. Kids seem to love this show, and as a result, you may find your own kids asking you to put on a Super Why themed birthday party. There are four main characters and two of which that are girls: Whyatt (Super Why), Pig (Alpha Pig), Princess Pea (Princess Presto) & Red Riding Hood (Wonder Red). Choose the girl character the birthday girl likes best and print out a large image of her to add to the door sign. Include your child’s name and age for a personalized touch. The birthday girl could dress up as Princess Pea or as Red Riding Hood . The other guests could have paper masks attached to party straws of the other characters for a masquerade style mask: green eye masks for Super Why, pig noses for Alpha Pig, princess wands for Princess Presto & a red beret hat for Wonder Red.

Here are some tips for you, in order to apply the theme “Super Why”, that will make your child’s birthday party will not be forgotten. A great color scheme for a Super Why party for a girl is to play off of Wonder Red and use red tablecloths and mix in shades of purple party ware to give your party a feminine touch! Add purple lunch plates, cups & napkins to compliment themed & patterned plates & napkins. Showcase food and desserts on solid coordinating plates and cake plates. Add hydrangeas or other seasonal flowers in white or light purple to add a touch of color to your table as well. And don’t forget the balloons. Mix solid color balloons in red, lilac, & purple with red polka dot balloons to tie your color scheme together. When the kids in the show have a problem, they often say that they will just look in a book for a solution. As a result, they will use a magic spell to call a book like “Peas and carrots, carrots and peas, book come out, please, please, please!” So, why not have the kids make up their own rhymes for books and then give them books as prizes? The kids can stand in front of a sheet and say their rhyme, then a book will be given over the sheet to them from a fishing rod, making it look like it is moving through the air. The kids in Super Why essentially live in a world of books, so how about you get the kids to build a building out of books. They can make it as high or as elaborate as they want. Another alternative is to have the children draw books on cardboard boxes and then put the boxes together to make it look like a building made of books. Then you can take a picture with all the kids around it. Whyatt, the main character of the show, wears a cape and mask like the Lone Ranger. So, why not get all the kids to make their own capes and masks so that they too can look like their favorite character? This can be done with craft supplies, and will entertain the kids for a good hour or so. Once everyone is done, have them wear their creations and make sure to take pictures to send home as souvenirs.