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Teen Birthday Party Ideas Full of Scare! Harry Potter and Halloween!

Harry Potter addicted has its own way to express their feeling. If you one of it, you can have Teen birthday party ideas by using the Harry Potter concept. Sure, you have to concern who is the Harry Potter character you need to choose. You can imagine if you are Hermione and your spouse it the Ron Weasley. If you choose Ginny, then your spouse should be the main character, and so on. In Teen birthday party ideas, you need to think about the decoration too. You have to prepare the snitch, the flying broom, and paintings on the wall. Make your house, or even you need to rent a place like a castle. Harry Potter is as scary as the Halloween theme. You can imagine it is the same.

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Tina and Rob both work at the Ohio haunted house called 7 Floors of Hell. In fact, it’s even where they met, so the haunt’s graveyard couldn’t be a more fitting place for the couple to tie the knot. While usually the bride is the one who makes the grand entrance, this time the groom did when he was carried to the altar in a coffin by six pallbearers. The groom’s entrance wasn’t the only place where a coffin was used. There was also one filled with a fake body on the guest book table. While the cake itself wasn’t too dark –a white tiered confection covered in lovely black swirls, the cake topper featured two skeletons embraced next to a sign that reads “Love never dies.” Now that’s romantic.

teen birthday party ideas scaryteen birthday party ideas

Sometimes Halloween birthday can come across as cheap and tacky (not any of the ones seen here, of course), but Keri and Rick’s elegant, soiree certainly couldn’t be described as anything of the sort. The event, which took inspiration from Phantom of the Opera and traditional vampire movies, was adorned with candelabra, trees lit with strings of lights and weeping angel statues. Seating arrangements were announced with the help of plastic vampire teeth that had been spray painted silver. Guests were encouraged to come to the reception in costume, but for those that neglected to dress up ahead of time, had the option of taking advantage of a costume table filled with masks of all kinds.

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