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The Best Duck Dynasty Birthday Party Ideas

Duck Dynasty is a popular reality television show that airs on A&E. It follows the Robertson family who have become multi millionaires by manufacturing duck calls. The everyday interactions of brothers, uncles, parents and siblings working together provide hilarious entertainment. Their down home southern charm makes viewing fun for the whole family. Here are some ideas for hosting your own Duck Dynasty party. Duck Dynasty parties are lots of fun for kids and grown ups. Children can have a birthday party with their friends all dressed up as the guys from the show. Adults can throw a themed party at work. Gather the co workers and celebrate a work accomplishment by throwing a Duck Dynasty themed party. It is a safe bet that a majority of your co workers are fans of the show. So, why not let the show be the focus of your next office party. Order t-shirts for you and your co workers to wear. Order packages of fake beards and sunglasses. Have everyone dress in camouflage. Throw an office party that is fun. Where everyone can be happy.

The first thing to sort out after you have decided who you’re going to invite to the party is the Duck Dynasty birthday invitations So that you can let folks know that they’re invited. Personalized Duck Dynasty invites are available from etsy.com and eBay. There is quite a range to choose from and also most of the invites can be personalized to include age, date and even the child’s photo. With this theme you’re going to need plenty of Mossy oak and camo style decorations. For the table a camouflage or mossy oak table cover will set the tone well. You could also use a grass table skirt to bring more of the outside feel indoors. As a backdrop you could use camo netting or make a mosaic of Duck Dynasty posters and funny quotes from the show. Camouflage, green brown and yellow plain latex, or hunting themed balloons will be great for spreading some color around the party. Bunch them up to make neat bouquets tied together with ribbon or spread them widely around the room (whatever your preference). In order for your party more festive, you can also play with the duck theme dynasty. First game is, “Grow A Beard” for this activity you will need cotton balls, construction paper, glue, yarn and markers. It’s best to have an activity area set up for this one. As the children arrive, have them go to the activity area and prepare their own beard with the supplies you have laid out. They can now wear their very own Duck Dynasty beard throughout the party. Second is “Flour Frog Dive”, this is good for laughs anytime. Take a tea cup and pack in tight with flour. Flip it over and slowly lift up the cup, flour should stay in the shape of the cup, but on the table. Gently place a frog gummy or lifesaver if you prefer, on top. Now the children will take turns cutting lines of flour off of the pile with a plastic knife. The person to make the pile collapse has to fish the gummy out with nothing but their mouth. This is a great picture opportunity for laughs later on.