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The Wonderful Of Mardy Gras Birthday Party

With the iconic masks, beads, food, and music, any Mardi Gras celebration is sure to be a blast. There are a number of traditions around Mardi Gras that you can incorporate into your party in addition to the colorful party supplies and costumes we come to expect for Mardi Gras. Some of those traditions involve tasty delicacies while others involve games or music. There’s no more fun theme than a Mardi Gras party. Mardi Gras is a rich cultural celebration and while modern day parties certainly center on drinking and dancing, there is some much more rich history behind the feast day than just booze! For this reason, when planning the decorations and theme of your Mardi Gras party be sure to include all the great and historical traditions beginning with masks. Mardi Gras themed events are gaining in popularity across the world. The reason these parties are attracting fame is because Mardi Gras is a positive memory in the minds of many people.

Purple, gold, and green are the colors of Mardi Gras so be sure to use them well when decorating for your Mardi Gras themed birthday parties. Great party favors include items such as beads in the famous colors of Mardi Gras, doubloons, and feathered masks. The idea is to be fun and festive and you don’t really need to spend a fortune in order to do this. Most party supply stores can get everything you would need for an unforgettable Mardi Gras birthday party no matter what time of year it is. Whatever you can’t find locally it is more than likely you will be able to find online with minimal effort to suit your Mardi Gras Birthday party needs. Another decoration to use on your table setting is beads! Traditionally called Mardi Gras throws, several city celebrations on the Gulf Coast have adopted this custom, and contrary to popular belief women exposing their breast for beads is not a part of this history. The beads represent the traditional colors of Mardi Gras, purple, green and gold and are associated with the phrase “Throw me something, mister!” which is yelled by parade goers to float riders. Beads can be used as decorations and party favors, if playing a game with party guests, send home guests with a prize of Mardi Gras beads. Goody bags are becoming a more and more important part of birthday parties in modern society. The train themed birthday party lends itself to plenty of train themed goody bag fillers. Among those wonderful items are coloring books, storybooks, puzzles, train whistles (their parents will love you and it is the perfect revenge for the air horn your child came home with), and stickers. This is a great way for your child to give back to those who have given him or her gifts while providing something appropriate to the theme for everyone to remember this particular party by.