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Top 18 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 18 only happens once in a lifetime and it is often a very exciting event for a young man or woman. This birthday is special and it deserves an awesome 18th birthday party to celebrate it! To plan this birthday party successfully, you may need to make a checklist of all the party supplies, decorations, etc. that you will need. Hosting a kid’s birthday party is easy, but hosting a young adult’s 18th birthday party can be tricky. Parents need to know what to put in the goody bags, which type of entertainment there should be, and who they should invite. A few good tips help answer all of those questions and more. Not all 18 year olds are the same, so including the birthday honoree is important to ensuring the appropriate party. Parents should be aware of five tips when planning an 18th birthday party.

A surprise party is always a fun and relatively easy option. The trick is keeping it a surprise. You may want to ask your son or daughter’s best friend to help make the guest list to make sure that you don’t forget to invite anyone. Make it very clear on the invitations that the party is a surprise. Also, send online invitations so you can keep track of RSVPs in your private email inbox, rather than on your family’s voicemail. This will help to ensure the surprise stays a surprise! Just because the birthday boy or girl is turning 18, does not mean all the guests are of age as well. Even young 18-year-olds need supervision, so plenty of chaperones should be on hand for the evening. Supervision does not mean that the kid’s need someone standing over them every second, but proper supervision to ensure guests do not bring anything illegal into the party is necessary; after all, they may be adults, but they are still not legal drinkers. Choosing a theme may sound juvenile, but even young adults like themed parties, as long as they are age appropriate and not a Disney Princess theme. The birthday honoree may be able to help with some ideas, and if not, asking his or her friends may reveal a fun side that he or she hides from family. The entertainment for the evening should relate to the theme, if any. A casino theme works great with live gambling tables and slot machines, while a club theme works better with a DJ, disco balls, and light shows on the dance floor. There are no rules about which entertainment works and what does not, some love a clown or a magician or even a pinata as part of a nostalgic theme.