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Top 9 Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

As your child grows older, birthday ideas also need change. At the age of 9, your child has their own ideas and preferences which you need to be sensitive about and incorporate. The child may want to have a more sophisticated and less kiddy party than what he or she has had in the past. Be supportive of their ideas and offer guidance. Planning a party for a group of high-energy 9-year-olds is enough to keep any mom up at night. While it may seem that keeping these kids entertained and happy may be next to impossible, with proper planning, you may find that the task not as challenging as you initially anticipated. By selecting a theme appropriate for your kid, and taking steps to reduce the difficulty associated with the party planning and implementation process, you can make your kid’s party just as much fun for you as it is for her.

Here are some tips for 9 year old birthday party ideas. Location is important and you need to find a location that is not only fun, but highlights the child’s personality as well. While your home is a good location, your 9 year old might want to have a different venue. The local cinema, park, café and tea house are just some of the locations you can consider. If you have a bigger budget, the zoo, skating rink and miniature golf facility are all good locations. Find out what your child wants and choose a fitting location. Once you have your theme in mind, you can start crafting your invitations. Get creative with your invitations. You can have coconut cups made from plastic and a small card to invite guests to your tropical island themed party or craft animal shaped invitations for animal themed parties. Simple invitations are good and of course they must meet the approval of the child. 9 year old are at an age when they are craving for independence and they might have their own food ideas. The party can be turned into a fun activity where the kids make their own pizzas and decorate their own cupcakes with different toppings. You can also bake cookies and have the kids involved in cutting out the shapes. Make sure that the snacks are healthy and always ask the parents about allergies. If your child is interested in art, you can plan for an art themed party. Have the kids create individual projects or come up with a group project. When creating the invitation, make sure that you highlight that the theme so your guests will be appropriately dressed. Many 9-year-olds are eager to fill their parties with friends from school. While you are likely to want to allow your child to plan a large party, filling your event with too many guests can present problems when it comes time to house and feed them. Instead of allowing your kid to pass out too many invitations, ask her to limit her selections. Promise her that, instead of inviting all her school friends to the event, you will create cupcakes for her to take to school and give to those who didn’t quite make the list.